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Agulhas Biomass Fuel is a sub-division of Fynbos Pole Depot which has branches in Bredasdorp in Hermanus. The sustainable company produces and delivers compressed, superior quality, pine wood shavings. The shavings are non-toxic and 100% organic and are mainly used as bedding for chickens at poultry farms and horses at equestrian estates. Moreover, Agulhas Biomass Fuel’s wood shavings have sustainable uses that include but are not limited to everything from livestock and pet bedding to plant and pit-latrine composting.

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Agulhas Biomass Fuel was established in 2019 by Overberg’s leading timber expert, Fynbos Pole Depot.

Sustainable Future

Biomass is the product of energy generation from living or once-living organisms. This ancient technology has been used for thousands of years and has provided energy production by burning animal, plant or agricultural waste. Biomass is also used to generate electricity and other clean Fuel.  

Product Use

Product Use

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Agulhas Biomass Fuel manufactures and delivers compressed superior quality pine wood shavings used as bedding at equestrian estates and poultry farms. The product is 100% organic and besides having multiple benefits for its primary use, can also be swept up and recycled for mulch. 

Poultry Farmers
  • Absorb chicken droppings to ensure coops require less cleaning
  • Reduce the risk of respiratory diseases in animals (less ammonia build-up in the coops)
  • Deter rodents and vermin from the coop 
  • Clean the coup and keep it that way for longer (once swept up it converts into compost)
Equestrian Estates 
  • Create healthier, warmer stable bedding
  • Keep stables hygienically cleaner for longer 
  • Deter rats and mice 
  • Reduce dust which can cause respiratory problems in horses 
  • Protects the horses’ hooves
Pet Shops
  • Use sawdust and shavings in pet cages and tanks
  • Mix with compost to create an organic product
Pit Latrine (long-drop composting toilet)
  • Reduces human waste, odour and pests (non-invasive and entirely organic)
Bale Descriptions

Bale Descriptions

Agulhas Biomass Fuel offers:

  • 25kg bales (compressed superior quality dried pine shavings)
  • One bale covers an area of 8m2 and a depth of around 10cm 
Orders, Cost and Deliveries

Orders, Cost and Deliveries

Orders, cost and deliveries at Agulhas Biomass Fuel are as follows:

  • Bales for delivery require two to five working days
  • Bulk orders for 500+ bales require one week
Cost (average 25kg to 35kg bales / 200-litre compressed bale)
  • 251 to 400 bales (one truckload) - R86.26 per bale
  • 101 to 250 bales - R89.13 per bale
  • 100 and less - R90.28 per bale


  • Deliveries can be arranged with the self-unloading walking floor trailer.
  • Deliveries are available throughout the Western Cape region
  • Orders from outside the Western Cape can also be arranged
  • Small orders can be delivered with prior arrangement
Small Quantities

Small Quantities

Agulhas Biomass Fuel supply small bags of shaving for use by:

  • Small-Scale Poultry Owners
  • Pet Shops
  • Reptile Owners

Orders can be purchased directly from Fynbos Pole Depot in Hermanus and Bredasdorp.

Fynbos Pole Depot

Fynbos Pole Depot

Agulhas Biomass Fuel is a division of the long-established Fynbos Pole Depot.

Fynbos Pole Depot is a timber merchant with branches in Bredasdorp and Hermanus that provides clients in the agricultural, industrial and private sector with high-quality timber. The company services the entire Overberg and has depot’s in Bredasdorp and Hermanus. Their products range from CCA (chromate copper arsenate) treated timber poles and laths to their unique brand of biofuel potting soil. Added to their range of timber products, Fynbos Pole Depot offers small and large-scale clearing services for projects. The team of highly experienced staff includes conservationists who ensure that the cleared timber is used sustainably to reduce wastage. 

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