Bredasdorp Areas



The Heuningberg area is a well-kept neighbourhood that is situated at the base of the Heuningberg Mountain. Serving as the entry point to a hiking trail that boasts panoramic views at the summit and captivating forms of the endemic fynbos and birds en route, it is the perfect place to begin an outdoor adventure in Bredasdorp.

Bredasdorp (13)

Industrial Area

The industrial area has everything from agricultural stores, wheat silos, automotive services and much more. Bredasdorp is the economic hub of Cape Agulhas and farmers from the surrounding area trek to the town to find what they need, a lot of which comes from the industrial area.


Bredasdorp Town

Town Centre is hard to miss as it is the place where the docile town comes to life. Shops, curios, restaurants and art galleries line the street, mixing country hospitality with modern day convenience. Although Bredasdorp Town may be the more bustling spot in all of Cape Agulhas, it still moves at an easy going pace for true country living.