Grabouw / Elgin Weather

The Elgin Valley enjoys a similar climate to the rest of the Western Cape coastal area, in that it has a Mediterranean climate with winter rainfall. Annual winter rainfall ranges between 800 and 1,200mm, and the surrounding mountain peaks are often covered in snow during the winter months.

During summer, the south-easterly wind causes the mountains around Grabouw to be covered with thick clouds, similar to the way the same winds cause the tablecloth cloud cover over Table Mountain in Cape Town. This cloud creates a cooling effect and can be accompanied by relatively high humidity or even rain.

As in other parts of the Western Cape, certain outdoor activities, such as hiking, might be limited by stormy weather during the winter months, and strong south-easterly winds can also affect outdoor activities in the summer. Overall, it is best to be prepared for a variety of weather, because according to locals even during summer it is possible to have rain and cooler nights. 

However, even with the sometimes-unpredictable weather, there is always something to do in the area and various outdoor events take place throughout the year.