Nightlife in Grabouw / Elgin

It is always a relief when, at the end of the day in Grabouw and Elgin, you can hang up your work clothes or leave your travelling shoes at the door and sit down for a drink with friends. It is human nature to want to share stories with loved ones or to even meet a new face and swap friendly banter. 

The great thing about small towns like Grabouw and Elgin is that they have local pubs where the townsfolk can be found. Between sipping on local beer or wine and eating a hearty meal, the stories of the day are told. 

If you are a traveller looking for the hidden gems of Grabouw and Elgin, then this is the opportunity to get some tips on where to go and what to do. If you are lucky, there might even be a bar or club with some live music or the opportunity to get your swing on and go dancing!

Although the nightlife scene might be a little unpredictable, the local talent in Grabouw and Elgin might just steal your heart.

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The Highway Pub is situated on the same premises as the Orchard Farm Stall.

The Highway Pub is situated on the same premises as the Orchard Farm Stall.

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