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carbonTRACK is an IoT, internet of things, energy monitoring and management solution that helps to understand, manage and reduce energy consumption.

carbonTRACK can measure energy consumption on various levels of a building or facility. From the main incoming distribution board to selected sub-circuits to individual appliances or machinery, not exceeding 2000A.

carbonTRACK logs real-time consumption data from a GSM enabled IoT Hub to an online cloud portal where the data is projected on an user-friendly online dashboard. The dashboard enables users to identify the energy consumption and power demand of the selected loads by understanding the basic parameters, kWh, KW, VA, kVA. Being empowered with this information helps you make more informed decisions on the use of electricity to prioritises energy upgrades of key energy drivers and initiate energy management systems within the building or facility.

carbonTRACK enables switching and smart control of selected sub-circuit loads, individual appliances and machinery within the building or facility. The loads can be controlled, enabled and disabled on the online dashboard from anywhere in the world where internet connectivity is available.

carbonTRACK simplifies energy usage, empowers consumers to take control and manage everyday energy consumption.

Energy Management Solutions SA is the national channel partner of carbonTRACK and an authorised carbonTRACK Intelligent Energy Management products and services provider.

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Energy Management Solutions is national channel partner for carbonTRACK in South Africa.

There is currently no 3G/GSM & IoT enabled solution like carbonTRACK in South Africa when comparing the functionality to the more industrial energy & building management solutions available, which has high capital requirements and needs skilled workforce to interpret data and findings and only applicable to high energy consumers.

carbonTRACK is an user friendly intelligent energy management hub, that logs data from various sensors, sending the data packets to an online platform and visualises the various parameters with analytics to give better insight to the measured application. The hub is installed next to the existing electrical distribution board with ease and does not need any integrate electrical planning, design, infrastructure upgrades or hardwiring, but must be installed by a qualified electrician. The hub has various sensor inputs and can measure energy consumption, power form solar, water and temperature. Making the applications for monitoring and management endless.

The hub also has 3 embedded switching channels and can be either scheduled, abled and/or disabled from any internet connected phone/tablet/pc. From conventional hot water cylinders, solar water heaters, pool pumps and lighting circuits to irrigation pumps, air ventilation fans, equipment and machinery.   

The carbonTRACK Hub's main function is to accommodate various sensors and switches and is not solely for solar power applications. The solar power option is as a long term value added additions to the system and can be easily integrated at a later stage when the time for renewables has arrived. As with the IoT, Internet if Things.

More info on IoT here about IoT and how it will revolutionise the way forward.

With a range of sensors and monitoring options; hot water temp from geysers, conventional or solar, can be tracked, monitored and switched on and off when needed. Hot water can be planned in accordance with occupancy and booking capacity. Pool and irrigation pumps and can be monitored and switched on and off remotely or scheduled when tariffs or peak demands are at its lowest.

The carbonTRACK hub is 3G/GSM enabled and independent from any Wi-Fi or Ethernet internet connectivity. Numerous hubs can be linked to one online user interface, integrating multiple hubs from different application to one access point. Various independent facilities or sub circuits within a facility can be monitored and managed from the online user interface. With 3G/GSM capabilities, remote water pumping stations, borehole pumps or irrigation can now be monitored for performance with ease. Entire facilities can be subdivided and not just the main or prioritised energy driver.

From a strategic and executive view point, entire portfolios can be linked to one online user interface. Resources can be better monitored and managed, baselines and benchmarks can be established to determine road maps for long-term interventions. Monthly, quarterly and yearly performance based reports can give insight to various applications to identify where and how resources are being consumed.

From residential, commercial to agricultural & industrial applications. Estates, factories, farms, warehouses, workshops, cold rooms and any application where energy, power, water and temperature monitoring is needed. Data can be logged, monitored and managed, with reports accessible in real-time 24/7/365.


carbonTRACK is a value added solution that gives insight to the field of energy conservation. Inefficiencies can be upgraded, faulty equipment can identified, human behaviour can be improved and all accessible from a touch of a button.

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