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As most folks from small country towns tend to do, the residents of Napier busy themselves with the comings and goings of everyday life. The predominant farming community has a calendar full of lambing and plowing and sowing schedules but once in a while they do break away to take part in the social events of the town. And although there has been a big influx of artists and English folk seeking the solice of the peaceful village, the social events in Napier still resonate with the Afrikaans ancestry of the people.

As part of the six towns in the Cape Agulhas region, every town holds their own unique ambience and top attractions to behold. But truly understanding and experiencing each town comes down to their social calendar and Napier does not disappoint. Holding one of the main events that should be pencilled into every diary, this small village knows how to put its best foot forward and impress.

Every Saturday will see the many smiling and welcoming faces of all the town’s folk gathered up to have their weekly market. Winding through the makeshift stalls, you can find fresh produce from the surrounding farms and goodies straight from the local ovens. Enjoy the day feasting on all the home-baked goodies and stories divulged by the friendly people, all too happy to share their wealth of information on the town’s rich, albeit rocky history. The day will leave you digesting more than just the delicious treats…

Calm and tranquil for most of the year, every June Napier blossoms like the surrounding canola fields and truly shows its vibrant colours and cultivar. The annual Patatfees (Sweet Potato Festival) covers a whole weekend of fun-filled sights and activities for the whole family to enjoy. The Friday night kicks off with live performances from local artists at the Napier School Hall and takes off from there. The Saturday and Sunday is filled with the popular half marathon, fun run, nappy dash and mountain bike race that takes you along the scenic route of the village. Various competitions and raffles can be entered and plenty of stalls can be browsed through at the school. Besides the stalls and numerous wine and beer gardens to indulge in, you can marvel at the beautiful vintage cars and trucks on display. And be sure not to miss the weird and famous scarecrows that line the streets during the festival. The town’s people and local businesses put on quite a show and every year produces more bizarre scarecrows than the previous. Possibly influenced by the growing number of artists in Napier, these jolly creations can truly be recognized as pieces of art.

All lined along the main road, all restaurats remain open for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the festival and there is accommodation a-plenty to suite your needs. The festival is quite popular, so be sure to book head and get your front row seat on the veranda of one of the splendid restaurants and be guaranteed not to miss a moment of the excitement.

Peaceful and beautiful as it may be, this village knows how to host one of the biggest events in the Overberg. Napier invites one and all to join in the weird and wacky event of the year, so pencil it in to your diary now!

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A small village market where various local stallholders sell a variety of quality products and delicious foods.

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A small village market where various local stallholders sell a variety of quality products and delicious foods.

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