Specials in Napier

Napier used to be thought of as a one-horse town on the way to somewhere else. However, over the past decade this little town in the Overberg has bloomed into a village filled with character and charm. While it’s known for being just a short drive away from the beaches of Arniston, Stuisbaai and Cape Agulhas, there are also a range of great reasons to explore Napier and its surrounds first. It truly is a great stop for anyone wanting to experience the rural atmosphere in the Overberg and also has a range of specials for anyone who is wanting to make their budget go further. 

Napier has attracted a large group of artists and musicians in its community, who have made this a bustling and vibrant town in terms of entertainment and exhibits. There are often discounts on these during the off season (April – July), this is when tourism in the area slows down and you’ll be able to view many of the town’s attractions for less. Also don’t miss out on the early bird specials on tickets for some of the town’s annual events like the Horse and Cart Festival, as well as the Sweet Potato Festival. 

Accommodation in Napier can range from weekend apartments to countryside cottages to choose from. If you’re travelling through the region there are usually mid-week and off-season specials that you can take advantage of. Don’t be shy about enquiring with your booking about any discount options on lodgings in order to save on your holiday or getaway budget. These can apply to a range of establishments from self-catering to wine estates and even camping. 

When it comes to top attractions and activities in and around Napier, you’ll be able to choose from mountain biking, hiking and horse riding to exploring vineyards and tasting wines. There really are options available for almost any kind of enthusiast. Have a look out for various deals and discounts that might apply to children of a certain age or even pensioners. There are also usually discounts on specific dishes and wines when you’re exploring surrounding estates. To be honest, there is almost always some kind of special that you can take advantage of while holidaying in Napier (and if not, don’t be shy about politely negotiating something).  

Napier truly is the perfect getaway for anyone looking for a good bargain. However, many of these opportunities are seasonal so keep checking back every month for the latest specials, discounts and deals. Sometimes the best possible holiday is facilitated by making your budget go that much further. Especially in this part of the breath taking Cape Overberg!