Top Attractions

1. Country Style Living

Hidden away amongst rolling hills of canola and wheat, we find this small, tranquil village. Marked on the map by the two winding rivers flowing through it, the village is a small huddle of houses and businesses on either side of the main road that stretches from one end to the other.

Accentuated by big, open plots and tall trees, the houses still hold their days-gone-by charm and beautiful architecture dating back two centuries. The beautiful houses also come with a resident cat and some chickens, but most also host a few horses or a grazing cow. The village inhabitants are helpful and friendly and you still find that everyone greets you, stranger, traveller or neighbour. Napier Lifestyle Gallery


2. Arts & Culture

Originally a small Afrikaans farming community, the village now boasts a large amount of English inhabitants and more recently a large number of artists have flocked to the area. Even though some artists prefer to stay anonymous or simply only do it for fun, the many different types and styles of artworks can be seen all over town. Whether it be in their front gardens or proudly displayed in the handful of galleries and décor shops, the artists’ creations are not to be missed.

The gallery in the main road hosts predominantly artists from Napier and a wide variety of different art at that. You can meet two of the local artists here and even possibly bother the sculptor and part gallery owner to visit him in his studio. Arts & Culture in Napier


3. Top Notch Restaurants

One of the first things noted driving through the main road, besides the beauty of the area, is definitely the number of brightly coloured restaurants that line the street. All fitted with big, sunny veranda’s it is the perfect vantage point from which to enjoy the view of the bustling town while basking in the sun.

Friendly hosts and the characteristic resident cat, welcome you into warmly decorated dining areas. Mostly old, renovated houses, the restaurants truly make you feel at home and the menu all the more. Serving up a selection of traditional and healthy breakfasts and light to medium lunches that can be enjoyed inside or out, they are assured to keep you going for a full day of exploring. And after your long day, huddle up next to a crackling fire or enjoy the warm evening air as you wine and dine on the best Napier has to offer. Dinner can consist of light starters or you can dive right into succulent steaks, fire [baked] pizza or the creamy soup of the day.

Complete your meal with a cup of freshly brewed coffee or something sweet. Sometimes known as the food capital of the Overberg, be sure to pack your appetite when heading to Napier! Places To Eat in Napier


4. Comfy, Quirky Accommodation

With so many sights to see and delectable dishes to try out, one day is just not enough. But don’t worry, the village offers the perfect accommodation to suite your needs. Located all across the quaint village, the various lodgings can all be found within a few minutes’ drive and is only a short walk away from the centre of town. 

The different lodgings vary from cozy b&b’s to easy-going self-catering cottages to the more lavish hotel. The accommodations are ideally located, fairly priced and all beautifully decorated. Also prone to holding a hidden piece of history, the lodgings serve as the perfect way to experience life in the village. Some rest on vibrant green lawns in the middle of large open plots while some are tucked away behind conveniently close by restaurants. The accommodation in Napier is sure to suite you and your companions’ needs and have you sleeping soundly every night. Accommodation in Napier


5. The Napier Patatfees

Noted as one of the biggest events on the Overberg social calendar, then Napier Patatfees (Sweet Potato Festival) is not your average run-of-the-mill festival you would expect when looking at the name. This strange, but exciting festival brings together the art, culture and weirdness of this tucked-away village. 

The festival hosts local performing artists, an array of food stalls and beer gardens and fun activities for the whole family to take part in. The more active festival goers can take part in the mountain bike races and half marathon to get the adrenalin flowing, while others can partake in the town’s historical walk at their own leisurely pace. Keep an eye out for the famous scarecrows scattered all across town and marvel at their creative creation. The festival creatively combines the town’s humble farming traditions with the growing influence from the growing number of artists. Events in Napier


6. Intriguing History

Passing through Napier, it might seem a small, serene town, but as the saying goes, Never judge a book by its cover. The history of Napier can fill many a book with its intricate and fascinating stories that mould themselves into the history of the land.

Wandering through the sometimes tarred and sometimes gravel streets of Napier, you get a feeling of accomplishment for what the olden day settlers managed to establish here. Every building in town holds some connection to the history of the village and has thus been preserved as best it could. Even though restored or renovated, most of the building hold their original form or some unique artefact from the past that lends to the ambience. The village in its entirety is a well-kept artefact of history and the stories are waiting to be shared and uncovered… you only need ask. History of Napier

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