Creative Classroom Seaside Foraging Workshops

Education and fun for all!

Learn to collect, clean and cook the food you forage along the coastline.

Join us on an adventure along our beautiful shores. We will teach you how to identify and harvest your own food sustainably without damaging the sea life.

A great outing for all ages. Education and fun for all! The Biodiversity of our beautiful coastline is important to us, and we believe, education is key!

Cost R650 per person, R250 per child, free for children under 6 (an additional cost R94 per person from the age of 12 for a Mollusc license obtainable at any Post Office is compulsory).

Click on "More Info" below to find out what is included in the fees and available dates.

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Creative Classroom Seaside Foraging Workshops

What is included:

  • A lesson on the different foods available for you to forage, picking, cleaning and preparing.
  • A 5-course meal prepared by yourselves to sit down and feast on.

Duration: 5 hours

Where: Between Pringle Bay and Betty's Bay 

Dates Available:

  • 23 February 2020 - 09h00 to 15h00
  • 9 March 2020 - 09h00 to 15h30
  • 22 March 2020 - 08h30 to 14h30
  • 24 March 2020 - 09h00 to 15h00

Season closes at the end of March, new season opens September 2020.

Bookings is essential and full payment in advance will secure your spot.

(Private family and group bookings can be arranged on request).