Pretty Cool Facts about Pringle Bay & Rooi Els

The coastal villages of Pringle Bay and Rooi Els are known for their tranquillity and beautiful scenery. Caught between beautiful mountains and white sandy beaches, the villages cradle a few secrets of their own – have a look:

  1. The villages were found in the 1930s when 3 business men purchased the land.
  2. Pringle Bay’s name comes from the Royal Naval Commander-in-Chief, Sir Thomas Pringle.
  3. The nearby Hangklip Lighthouse was built in 1960.
  4. The villages fall within the Kogelberg Nature Reserve.
  5. Excavations of the Rooi Els Cave revealed various burial sites and bone tools dating back to the Stone Age.
  6. Legend tells that the many caves in the area were used by pirates and runaway slaves as hideaways, the most famous being Deserter’s Cave.
  7. Archaeological evidence shows that Khoi Khoi tribes roamed the area from the fifth century AD.
  8. The Kogelberg Biosphere and nature reserve was established in the early 1950s after Harry Mlteno gained the support of the Cape Western Conservancy and Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden.
  9. The villages hold the Rooi Els and Palmiet Rivers as well as the Pringle Bay lagoon which is created by the mouth of the Buffels River, are popular for swimming, kayaking and surfing.
  10. Pringle Bay and Rooi Els are located on the Whale Route that runs from Cape Town to Durban which means the villages are great for whale watching during season.
Hangklip Lighthouse
Kogelberg Dam
Pringle Bay Beaches
Rooi Els River