Meet a Local Business: Villiersdorp

Meet a Local Business: Villiersdorp


At Xplorio we believe in the power of community and as such we like to shine the light on some of our community members. Here are 5 great bsuinesses to visit on your next trip to Villiersdorp:

Dale Elliott Art Studio & Gallery

Visit the popular art gallery to view the beautiful building and all the creative artworks it holds. Hosted by the artist Dale Elliott, the gallery showcases the paintings of Dale – who completed over 15,000 canvases to date. The Gallery also offers 3-day art courses that cater for beginners to advanced artists and cover watercolour, oil and acrylic mediums.

Kelkiewyn Café

This homely restaurant located next to the Elands River in Villiersdorp offers up delicious breakfast and lunches with a cosy atmosphere. The eatery serves a variety of burgers, sandwiches, seafood dishes, vegetarian options and great coffee. Walk-ins, groups and children are welcome.

Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve

This beautiful mountain reserve hidden away in the Boland Mountains truly offers the perfect getaway for those looking for some proper R&R. The Brewhouse Pub serves up delicious meals along with a Sunday Buffet while the luxury accommodation will make you feel right at home. The venue also caters for conferences and special events and is great for team buildings.

The Village Kitchen

Visit the cosy restaurant located in the main road of Villiersdorp and with their doors always open (from Monday to Saturday that is). The rustic restaurant is popular amongst locals and serves up a full menu of wood fired pizzas, burgers, ribs, steaks and to top it off fish and chips. Stop by any time for a hearty meal.

Helderstroom Alpacas

Make your way to one of Villiersdorp’s most unique and curious attractions, Helderstroom Alpacas. This 300 year old farm house and estate is now the home of a small herd of Alpacas. The farm breeds and raises these curious creatures for their wool and then spin, card and hand spin the wool into yarn. The yarn is then used to knit, weave and make a range of stylish and comfortable garments which you can purchase. 

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Meet a Local Business: Villiersdorp


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