Agulhas Weather

The two towns located at the southern tip of Africa welcomes countless visitors every year and not only because of being located at the edge of the continent. The lovely Mediterranean weather of Agulhas and Struisbaai makes for a great spot to vacation.

Located at the point where two great oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian, collide one would expect a more erratic climate due to the collision of the two ocean currents, the warm Mozambican and the cold Benguela. However, the weather in Agulhas is beautifully balanced and offers up beautifully sunny summers and cooler wet winters. The average temperatures in summer reach 25°C allowing for days spent on the longest beach in the southern hemisphere and taking part in various outdoor adventures. Winters in the Cape of Needles are slightly cooler with temperatures reaching an average of 17°C midday. Having a Mediterranean climate most of Agulhas’ rainfall occurs in winter and allows one to get a feel for the Cape of Storms located up the coast.

So whether you just want to visit the southernmost tip of Africa and enjoy the sights or bask in the golden sun on the endless stretches of sandy beaches, L'Agulhas and Struisbaai has the perfect weather for both.