Top Attractions

Top Attractions in Agulhas & Struisbaai

The journey to Cape Agulhas takes you through the very heart of the Overberg region, and a trip to this lovely part of the world is guaranteed to be memorable. See directions to Cape Agulhas.

1. Visit the Agulhas National Park

Cradled in the area known as the Agulhas Plain, and nurtured by the coming together of the Indian and Atlantic oceans, the Agulhas National Park is home to a unique combination of biodiversity and natural beauty. The park showcases a wide variety of endemic plant and animal species and is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Spot the African black oystercatcher and the dainty Damara tern while enjoying one of the walking or hiking trails in the reserve. From July and December, you can cast your eyes to the horizon and watch southern right whales breach, lobtail and even spy-hop during what is known around the world as “whale season”. For more information about activities and accommodation at the southernmost tip of Africa contact Agulhas National Park.

2. Stand at the Southernmost Tip of Africa

A stone cairn marks the southernmost tip of Africa where the Indian and the Atlantic oceans meet. 

The lighthouse that keeps a watchful eye on this treacherous piece of coastline was the third lighthouse built in South Africa and is the second-oldest in operation. Cape Agulhas Lighthouse is located on the southern edge of the village of L'Agulhas, in the Agulhas National Park. The popular tourist destination is a landmark for those migrating to the southernmost tip of Africa and there is a museum and coffee shop on site. The park has an opening and closing time so be sure to plan your trip accordingly. Learn more about the southern tip of Africa.

3. Explore the Rich Maritime History

Due to the unpredictable currents and ominous reefs, many ships have met their doom along this coastline that has earned the area its name, the “Graveyard of Ships”. To lessen the casualties the building of the lighthouse began on April 1st 1847 and lit on March 1st 1849.  The coastline is still rife with whispers and wreckage of over 150 ships that sank between Arniston and Cape Town. Take a closer look at the History of L'Agulhas & Struisbaai.


4. Spend a Day at the Longest Natural Beach in the Southern Hemisphere

Struisbaai is known for its pretty fishing harbour, historical thatched fishing cottages and its long uninterrupted stretch of pristine beach that hugs the coastline. Pack a picnic basket and take a stroll along the soft white sand. Take a look at these beautiful Agulhas & Struisbaai Beach Images.


5. Feed the Stingrays in Struisbaai Harbour

A visit to Struisbaai Harbour is always a colourful mixture of people, laughter and activity. The multi-coloured boats bring freshly caught fish on good fishing days and along with the now resident stingrays, are one of the favourite attractions in the town. The stingrays are harmless and enjoy being fed fresh fish. One stingray, in particular, won the hearts of visitors to the area. The late-great Parrie was the largest and possibly the oldest of them all and had a following of fans from all around the world until his passing in 2020. Take a look at more Things To Do in Agulhas & Struisbaai.


6. Go Whale Watching in Agulhas

Southern right whales make an annual pilgrimage to the southern African coastline between the months of July to December to calve, mate and have a whole lot of fun. The curious creatures have hearts to match their colossal size and their endearing nature is sure to steal yours. Whether you choose to watch them from land or boat, Agulhas is one of the top destinations for an unforgettable whale watching experience. Read more about this and other Outdoor Activities in Agulhas & Struisbaai.


7. Hike the Ghost Trail

You might be surprised, possibly alarmed, by the ghosts painted on signboards, rocks and lamp posts. The white spooky marks are the pointers on the Ghost Trail (Spookdraai Trail). For those looking for more than gorgeous views, fresh air and a bit of holiday exercise the Ghost Trail add a whole new element to hiking! It will take you through winding streets, along the coast and up a zigzagging path over a hill and down again. The trail takes approximately two hours and is suitable for all fitness levels. Let the excitement begin when you go Hiking in Agulhas & Struisbaai.