Hiking trails in Agulhas

The southern-most tip of Africa, Agulhas, offers an excellent platform for spectacular ocean views, nature walks and outdoor activities. Hiking trails here range from a few metres to several kilometres, depending on your level of fitness. This, coupled with the fresh ocean air and wide open spaces, ensures visitors the calm environment they’ve been looking for. That’s why it’s fast become one of the most renowned spots for anyone who likes to spend long days walking through some of the rarest fauna and flora in the world.

Sometimes, it’s hard to ignore the urges to take a holiday. Whether it’s the traffic in your city, the people in your office or life just becomes overwhelming, a peaceful escape and a break from reality will more than often be just what you need. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the holiday you want and deserve because a quick road trip beyond the city limits might just be what you’re looking for. And that’s where Agulhas and its many hiking trails always delivers!

There’s an impressive array of things to do in Agulhas. Through one of the many hiking trails available in Agulhas alone, visitors and outdoor enthusiasts can catch a glance of Bontebok, Hartebeest or even the common Eland in their natural habitat. Additionally, through one of these hikes that overlook the ocean, if the time of year is right, there’s an excellent possibility of seeing the Southern Right Whale during their mating season.

It is advised that visitors to the area do not got on hikes or trails alone for their own safety. Whether you opt for an official guide to walk with you or take one of the many worked out trails along the way, the experience is ideal for nature lovers, scenic photographers, ornithologists and family excursions. There are a wide range of locals who know this region intimately and will be able to guide you on the safest routes for your experience.

Agulhas is situated approximately 300kms from Cape Town International Airport. This means that whether you’re located in the mother city itself or want to fly in from outside of the Western Cape, this seaside haven is just a short drive away. This coastal town is not the quaint fishing village it used to be. Aside from the abundance of its natural surrounds, you can still find several creature comforts and city amenities from the town centre. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being without your regular requirements here.

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