Welcome to Botrivier

Botrivier is a warm and welcoming village at the foot of the Houw Hoek Pass. It’s fast become one of the region’s fastest-growing wine hubs, with over 16 estates in the surrounding foothills of this charming town. The cool maritime climate plays its part in encouraging the town’s vineyard and orchard economy, but the local community is the heart of its success. At any given moment, you could find yourself swept away on an impromptu cellar tour - or if you are in town around harvest time, partaking in grape treading or even barrel rolling!


Being conservation-conscious is a large part of the Botrivier way of life, from winemakers who strive to work in harmony with the landscape, to the efforts of the entire community in preserving the well-being of the rich fynbos ecosystem. As a part of the Cape Floral Kingdom World Heritage Site, Botrivier is stunning in spring when the wildflowers, vineyards and even orchards are in bloom. This makes it a gem for hiking, mountain biking, bird watching and horse riding in the surrounding area. There are wonderful fynbos walks and eco-hikes on offer in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, an incredibly educational excursion for the entire family. 

One of the top-ranked and most beautiful golf courses in South Africa is within a 20km drive from Botrivier. Fly fishing in the Bot River Estuary is also a popular activity with outdoor sports enthusiasts. 


In the heart of the town square, you’ll find the historic Botrivier Hotel which has a renowned restaurant and bar for relaxing in style. There are also artisanal coffee shops and even a restaurant at the Botrivier Train Station that hosts live music and an incredible farm-style Sunday roast buffet. The area is famed for fruits that include plums, pears and apples. Botrivier onions top the vegetable list. You can also find amazing olive oils and lavender products from local farm stalls and wine estates.


There are several times of the year when you can be a part of Botrivier festivities. The town has a vibrant annual calendar that revolves around the town’s culture of vineyard and orchard farming. October is the busiest month for events in Botrivier and visitors will quickly find themselves welcomed by the local community, whether at the coffee shop or while exploring the surrounding attractions. The most important thing you need to know about Botrivier is that it delivers a full spectrum, from family-friendly and wholesome outdoor activities to breathtakingly beautiful scenery and restaurants for romantic getaways.