Top Attractions

1. Wine Tasting in the Cape Floral Kingdom

Botrivier Wine Route is quickly gaining acclaim, with both brand new and historic estates surrounding the town. One of the top attractions in Botrivier is visiting Beaumont Wine Estate (previously known as Compagnes Drift Farm), whose entrance is at the heart of Botrivier’s town square. This farm is the site of the original staging post that attracted the valley’s first European Settlers, as well as housing the region’s oldest wine cellar and mill. Regardless of which of the many estates you visit, you’re bound to taste and take home handcrafted, award-winning wines. Don’t miss out on any of these estates if possible: Barton Wine Estate, Eerste Hoop, Boutros Wines, Feiteiras Wines, Gabrielskloof Wine Estate, Goedvertrouw Wine Estate, Luddite Wines, Paardenkloof Estate and Wildekrans Wine Estate. Wine Farms in Botrivier


2. Feast on Fresh Produce at Farm Stalls

This part of Cape Town is renowned for the most amazing fresh produce and artisanal, farm-style foods. There are several farm stalls surrounding Botrivier (less than 15min drive each), which feature amazing restaurants providing scrumptious breakfasts, light brunches and decadent lunches. All at prices that will definitely help you stay on track with your holiday budget. Just one of the many reasons to visit Botrivier!  

There are several stalls on the N2 where you can get the freshest fruit and vegetables, award-winning olive oils and local wines! Not to mention culinary delights like freshly-baked bobotie pies and a wide range of artisanal cheeses. A local secret is to stock up on your holiday biltong and droëwors from these stalls, which usually feature a full range; from the normal beef and ostrich to the more rare game meat varieties. You can even try Springbok and Kudu biltong! Farm Stalls in Botrivier


3. Klein Paradys Equestrian Centre

Horse riding is by far one of the unique selling points of Botrivier, it is considered the best way to explore the town and the surrounding areas. Regardless of your experience level, the Klein Paradys Equestrian Centre will saddle you up with a trusty steed. The centre’s owners have over 17 years of riding experience in the area and have curated an amazing variety of trails suitable for all types of riders. This makes it a great activity for the whole family! Around Botrivier you will get the chance to take in beautiful views, vineyards and orchards, while enjoying well-behaved horses. Most tours are around 2 hours long, however you can also do beach rides to Botrivier Lagoon where you may get to see the resident wild horses (the only ones of their kind in South Africa). If you really want to experience life in the saddle, the centre also provides 5-day riding packages. Horse Riding in Botrivier


4. Pubs, Grills and Grub with a Difference

Mingling with the locals over a cold one (or two) is a must. The Botrivier Hotel is definitely the place to go if you’d like to experience some of the history and hospitality of the town. Built in 1890, it has been the town’s prime watering hole ever since and definitely is one of the Botrivier top attractions. The pub area is filled with memorabilia of Botrivier’s past and on the outside stoep, you can relax under an umbrella with refreshments and watch local farmers stock up in town at the market. The hotel’s restaurant, Bellows, serves up delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners while the hotel often hosts live music and bands. 

Then just a few roads up, at the Botrivier Train Station, is another live music spot, the newest addition to Botrivier’s pub life - The Shuntin’ Shed. This vibrant spot makes a range of dishes that all feature locally sourced ingredients and wine. Pub 'n Grills in Botrivier


5. Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Botrivier is a wildlife haven in many regards, this is largely due to the conservation of the area’s delicate biosphere. However, a real treat for the whole family is a visit to Cornellskop Animal Farm. Less than 5min drive from Botrivier, this farm houses the Union Pictures film studio and has a wide range of animals, many of which are trained for film and TV production. You can visit the farm’s zebras, hyenas, ostriches, monkeys, ducks and even tame buck. The truly thrilling adventures are the arranged tours of the wolves, lions and cheetahs, who also have homes in the form of large enclosures on the farm. If their temperament on the day is willing, then you may even get to enter their enclosures with the farm’s owner and expert animal trainer.


6. Tackle Some of the World's Best Sporting Landscapes

The Houw Hoek Pass provides kilometres of rolling hills and changing vegetation, with incredible views all around. This makes it one of the most popular places in South Africa for mountain biking, running and hiking (you can even book guided tours). For those who are looking for a more relaxing experience, trout fly fishing is particularly popular in Botrivier. Most locals gather at the Lagoon for this but there are also spots in surrounding areas to explore. Similarly, some of the best golf courses in the world decorate this part of the South African coastline. There are several renowned courses within 30min drive from Botrivier. And of course, the bird watching opportunities are vast for enthusiasts really looking to expand their South African portfolios. Outdoor Adventures in Botrivier


7. Get Your Heart Racing in Paradise

With Botrivier having such an abundance of natural resources to explore, it’s no surprise that this is a popular spot for setting up base and exploring the many nearby adrenaline-pumping activities. You can choose from abseiling and rock climbing, to guided tours on quad bikes or even thrilling 4x4 adventures. There are nearby coastal activities as well, including shark cage diving! Thrill seekers will not be left wanting and Botrivier provides the perfect setting to share your daring tales with friends and family at a pub, or even around a braai afterwards. Action Sports in Botrivier


8. Support Local Artists and Shop Around

You’ll notice just driving through Botrivier that there is an abundance of local arts and crafts available from quaint, brightly painted shops. Take every chance you can to explore some of these amazing pieces of handiwork. Also, pop in at the De Geheime Kelder Gallery to view the local talent in curated exhibitions throughout the year. It’s situated at the Botrivier Hotel and the team here works hard to discover new talent throughout the valley. Historically, Botrivier is particularly renowned for the woodwork of its carpenters. From beautifully shaped benches to abstract tables and more, each piece of wood is expertly carved and stained. You can pick up a great piece of local craftsmanship as memorabilia or even gifts. They come in all shapes and sizes for those that need to travel via plane after their stay. Arts & Culture in Botrivier


9. Enrich Your Historical Knowledge AND Have Fun

One of the top attractions in Botrivier is its rich history! Before Dutch settlers arrived making Campagnes Drift (now Beaumont Wines) an outpost for the Dutch East India Trading Company in the 18th century - the entire area was home to the pastoral Khoi-Khoi people. There are so many opportunities to explore this colourful history in and around the town. This includes the historic mill and the region’s oldest wine cellar at Beaumont Estate. If you’re an avid enthusiast, contact the Cape Vintage Engine and Machine Society to find out more about how the old mill used to operate. You can also contact Stonebeach Tours to organise a historic walk through of all the town’s features and there are even more options for historical tours in surrounding areas. History of Botrivier


10. Partake in Charming, Unforgettable Events and Festivals

Botrivier might appear like a sleepy, forgotten town at first, but don’t be fooled! This community has a vibrant and exciting annual events calendar, attracting visitors from far and wide to take part in the harvest culture of the town. Below are some of the festivals and events that are a must-see for any traveller. If your holiday coincides with any of these, don’t hesitate to take part in the festivities: Botrivier Barrels and Beards Harvest Celebration (April), Botrivier Spring Weekend aka Drink Yourself Pink Festival (first weekend of September), Botrivier Barrel Fest (October), Van der Stel Pass Challenge (October), Botrivier Open Gardens (October) and the Annual Christmas Market held at Gabrielskloof (December). Events in Botrivier