Aquamat Water Softeners - Available at Overberg Agri Bredasdorp

Aquamat Water Softeners - Available at Overberg Agri Bredasdorp

Overberg Agri Bredasdorp

Aquamat Water Softeners - Available at Overberg Agri Bredasdorp

The smart, simple and cost-effective solution to all your hard water problems!


What is hard water?

Hard water is caused by the presence of too much calcium and magnesium. These minerals dissolve into the water and negatively affects its properties.

Why is it a problem?

Whether you’re running a household or an industrial business, water is the one element you simply can’t do without. However if the water is hard, it can become more of a hindrance than a help. Instead of washing away impurities, hard water can actually have the opposite effect.

• Washing and Laundry

Instead of dissolving completely, soap combines with minerals in the water to form a sticky sludge. This soap curd sticks to skin and hair, as well as laundry fibres, making it very counterproductive to the cleaning process. The insoluble soap deposits also leave spots on dishes, tiles, floors and vehicles after rinsing.

• Limescale

Household appliances such as kettles, dishwashers and water heaters can also suer from limescale, which significantly reduces their eciency and lifespan.

• Plumbing Problems

Perhaps the most troublesome concern is the eect hard water has on plumbing systems. Mineral deposits can clog up pipes and taps, reducing water flow and causing damage to the entire system.



• Laundry and kitchen appliances

• Bathrooms, showers and toilets

• Personal hygiene


• Boilers, heat exchangers, compressors

• Storage tanks and piping equipment

• Large laundry and restaurant facilities

• Wastewater reuse

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Aquamat Water Softener is the No. 1 hard water solution in Africa!

Aquamat Water Softeners use only the best quality high-capacity softener resins and control valves imported from the USA to effectively transform hard water into soft water. This innovative system eliminates the damaging effects of limescale and soap build-up on your home and industrial machinery. The effciently designed water softening system is built to last up to 15 years, depending on the quality of water.


How Aquamat Water Softeners Work

Our Water Softener uses a highly effective and economical process known as ion exchange that removes calcium and magnesium from hard water in exchange for harmless sodium.

Hard water enters a mineral tank filled with resin beads covered in sodium ions. As the hard water flows past the resin beads, the sodium ions dissolve into the water and are replaced by the calcium and magnesium ions. Once the beads are saturated with calcium and magnesium ions, they need to be regenerated. A concentrated brine solution is flushed through the tank, washing the calcium and magnesium from the resin beads and replacing them with sodium. The mineral tank is then flushed of excess brine and the water is ready for use.



• Easy to install, use and maintain

• More cost-effective than distillation or reverse osmosis

• Uses high-quality imported resin beads and control valves

• Robust design lasts up to 15 years

• Removes limescale and soap deposits to protect appliances and plumbing

• Softens water to improve cleaning action and rinsing efficacy

• Suitable for domestic and industrial use

For more information, contact Overberg Agri Bredasdorp.

Aquamat Water Softeners - Available at Overberg Agri Bredasdorp

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