Welcome to Kleinmond

Unlike its sleepy neighbours, Kleinmond is a vibrant town with an abundance of activities and things to do. Yet despite all of this somehow Kleinmond has remained under the radar. This is a great surprise considering everything that this destination, which is situated along the Whale Coast Route and within the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, has to offer. As soon as you begin to explore Kleinmond you will be wonderfully surprised, it is certainly one of those places that has a lot more to offer than initially assumed.


One of the incredibly unique aspects about Kleinmond is that it falls under the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. This particular type of reserve includes nature reserves and various towns aimed at getting communities involved in conserving the unique biodiversity. The 100 000 hectares biosphere reserve is a recognised UNESCO site that boasts more than 1880 different plant species, 77 of which are endemic. Beyond the sheer diversity that the Biosphere Reserve is protecting, there is also hope that it promotes a more green and sustainable lifestyle.

Driving into town on the R44 from Betty's Bay there are rocky mountains on the left and the ocean on the right. During season (June - December) Southern Right Whales can often be spotted either breaching or slapping their tales on the surface of the water. Next you pass the Kogelberg Nature Reserve that is a pristine nature sanctuary and soon after cross over the Palmiet River, which is popular for river rafting and tubing. Then it’s into town where the wide main road is lined with houses, businesses, schools and restaurants. Follow the sign to Harbour Road leading to your right and you will find yourself in a hub of creativity that has been designed for tourists. Curio shops, art galleries, book stores, places to eat and accommodation all showcase the natural beauty and local talent.


Adjacent to Harbour Road is the industrial area and further down the main road are centres where you will find most of the businesses in Kleinmond. For a small town Kleinmond has a surprising range of businesses that can see to your medical, entertainment, retail and financial needs. However, play time is never far with a local golf course sitting at the back of town close to the base of the Kogelberg mountains.  


Leading out of town towards Hermanus is the Kleinmond lagoon and beach. This is a perfect spot to spend an idle day having a picnic, canoeing down the lagoon (and hopefully spotting one of the many bird species), frolicking in the water, playing games on the beach and enjoying a soft serve ice-cream. There is the famous 'Preekboom' that is quite something to behold and served as a meeting point for church services in the early 1900s. Close by you can find facilities to uphold the South African tradition of having a braai and across the road from this grassy area is a bowls centre.


As you head out of town there is the Rooisand Nature Reserve where wild horses roam free and the wet grounds create the perfect estuary for birds. Beyond the reserve is a five-star country estate that boasts a hotel, spa and an 18-hole golf course that was rated the 5th best in South Africa.


Above and beyond these magnificent attractions there is hiking, horse riding, mountain bike trails and the Big Blues Festival to name but a few. The Kleinmond accommodation is also comfortable and modern with hospitable hosts to ensure your stay is exceptional. What more could you ask for?