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The Western Cape is a province that is filled with a large variety of natural splendour and outdoor adventures. This is especially true if you find yourself spending time in one of the seaside settlements along the coast of the Cape Overberg. This majestic shoreline is where you’ll find the charming town of Kleinmond and its community of welcoming residents. And you’ll soon find when you move here or visit for a while that it’s almost impossible to get bored with all of the energetic activities that you can enjoy and explore. Similarly, as accidents do happen, there are also a number of medical services and businesses here who service the needs of the energetic community here. Kleinmond physiotherapists in particular are a great resource to anyone in need.

From land to sea sports and attractions, there’s something for everyone in this part of the country. Surrounding by rolling mountainsides of Fynbos, some of the best hiking and biking trails are located nearby Kleinmond. This means that there is a growing community of rock climbers, mountain bikers, runners, swimmers, surfers, windsurfers and more who require physiotherapy from time to time. Whether for recovery or just to increase the efficiency of one’s performance, these medical businesses in Kleinmond are always at the ready to assist wherever required.

There are many With so many activities on offer all along the Cape Whale Coast, there are bound to be sports injuries that require diagnostic skills and knowledge in movement-based rehabilitation. Luckily Kleinmond has a number of physiotherapy specialties that include neuromusculoskeletal, hand and upper limb rehabilitation as well as intellectual and physical disabilities. Because after all, it’s not just outdoor adventurers and sports people who require these valuable treatments. There are even ergonomic products, exercises and services, as well as advice that physiotherapists are especially trained to offer for those who are restricted to office environments.

Physiotherapy in Kleinmond can assist you with a number of ailments and injuries, including lower, middle or upper back pain, shoulder stiffness, facial tension, migraines, stiff neck, teeth grinding and elbow or even wrist pain. There are also medical services available to treat both adults and kids with skilled evaluation and hands-on therapy. This may include mobilisation, manipulation, massage and even acupressure if required. You can also benefit from individually designed exercise programmes, relaxation techniques, sophisticated equipment, hydrotherapy and biofeedback – to name but a few. Enjoy world-class treatment in a wholesome environment and welcoming town.

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