Rooi Els

The Conservancy lost in time

The small village of Rooi Els lies on the coastal road Clarence Drive and is only about five minutes away from Pringle Bay. There are no tarred roads in the village and there are no street lights anywhere.


The commercial area of the village can be found as you turn off Clarence Drive. There is a small section of paved road and the only place for the public to park in the village. Here visitors can enjoy a meal at either the local pub or the small restaurant. There is also a shop and information bureau situated here.

The mountains above the village are full of signs of the Khoikhoi people who used to roam the area. In the Rooi Els Cave, archaeologists have found relics dating as far back as the Stone Age.


Rooi Els lies within the Kogelberg Biosphere and has been named as a conservancy in its own right. The locals living here are extremely proud of the unique wildlife and plants that can be found in and around the village.