Compulsory 20 Digit Token Identifier Roll-Over For Pre-Paid Metering

Compulsory 20 Digit Token Identifier Roll-Over For Pre-Paid Metering

Overstrand Municipality

Compulsory 20 Digit Token Identifier Roll-Over For Pre-Paid Metering


Overstrand Municipality will be starting with the pre-paid meter TID rollover from 1 November 2022 in a phased-in approach. 

The process may seem daunting, but please allow the Municipality some time to reach your specific area and wait until you see the two update codes with your purchase. (To establish when it is their turn, customers can consult the implementation schedule or alternatively wait until they see the update codes with their next purchase).

Please take note of the following before re-programming your pre-paid meter: 

• You need to ensure that you enter all your old, unused credit tokens on your meter before you enter the key change tokens. If you do not enter your credit tokens first, you will not be able to use them after you have entered the key change tokens.

• Your credit on the meter will not be affected.

The implementation schedule for the Overstrand is as follows:


• Kleinmond: November and December 2022

• Overhills, Proteadorp and Extension 6: January - March 2023

Greater Hermanus

• Eastcliff, Hermanus Heights, Voëlklip, Westcliff, Northcliff, Beach Club, Whale Rock Estate and Hermanus Industria: November - December 2022

• Hawston: February - March 2023

• Meerenbosch: December 2022

• Sandbaai: December - January 2023

• Mount Pleasant: March - April 2023

• Zwelihle: May - June 2023


• Stanford and Farms: March - April 2023

Greater Gansbaai

• Masakhane: November - December 2023

• Franskraal, Uilenkraalsmond, Gansbaai Farms: November 2022 - February 2023

• Birkenhead and Kleinbaai: May - June 2023

• Blompark: July - August 2023

• De Kelders, Gansbaai, Perlemoenbaai, Industrial area: September - October 2023 

• Pearly Beach: November - December 2023

Eskom directly supplied customers in Betty's Bay, Pringle Bay, Rooiels, Fisherhaven, Vermont, Onrus, Hemel-en-Aarde and certain areas between Die Damme and Hermanus can contact Eskom directly with queries regarding the upgrade of prepaid meter software for the TID rollover.

Re-programming of your pre-paid electricity meters:

The token that is issued to you, has the following information on it: Your name and address; below that is your meter number and SGC (Supply Group Code), the TI (Token Identifier); KRN (Key Revision Note) and below them all the Tariffs are printed. The KRN is the indicator of the status of your meter in terms of the TID roll-over. 

KRN1 means that your meter still needs to be updated (reprogrammed). KRN2 means your meter has already been updated (reprogrammed).

When buying from Municipal Cashiers/Outside Vendors/Ontec Home:

You will receive two tokens/slips when buying from municipal cashiers, external vendors or Ontec Home. On the token/slip, the wording ‘Update Meter Key’ will be displayed with two codes to re-programme your meter. 

These codes must be entered in sequence before the standard/normal codes that you will also receive as part of the purchase.

Should you wish to use your banking app, please contact the municipality for instructions regarding your specific bank.

Important to note, all tokens/slips purchased prior to the reprogramming date, that were not entered into your meter, will be rejected by the meter. These tokens/slips will not be replaced by the Municipality.

Once your meter has been updated, the token/slip that you receive with your next electricity purchase will only display the normal electricity code that needs to be entered on your meter as per usual.

Should you wish to implement the change to your meter before the Municipality gets to your area, you are most welcome to contact the Municipality to request the upgrade via

If you experience problems to update your pre-paid meter, please contact the Overstrand Municipality during office hours (Mon - Fri from 07:45 - 13:00 and 13:45 - 16:30: Hermanus Administration: 028 313 8000 (Finance Department) or 028 316 2630 (Electricity Department); Kleinmond Administration: 028 271 8400; Gansbaai and  Stanford Administrations: 028 384 8358 or 028 384 8376. The Municipal control room after-hours number (including weekends and public holidays) can be phoned on 028 313 8000 or 028 313 8111.

Compulsory 20 Digit Token Identifier Roll-Over For Pre-Paid Metering

Overstrand Municipality

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