5 Spots to Visit when in Pringle Bay & Rooi Els

5 Spots to Visit when in Pringle Bay & Rooi Els

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The peaceful coastal villages of Pringle Bay and Rooi Els on Clarence Drive have become a favourite amongst those looking for looking for a quiet reprieve. With a surprising amount of lovely accommodations, cosy places to eat and all the needed shops in one convenient centre, it’s a great spot to escape to for a weekend or school holidays. They are also included in the area encapsulated in the beautiful Kogelberg Nature Reserve which offers nature experiences like hiking and bird watching. 

Here are some of the places to stop by when staying in or passing through Pringle Bay and Rooi Els:

1. Rooi Els Beach

This lovely secluded beach is a lovely little spot to head to for some sunny fun. The spot where the Rooi Els River flows into the ocean makes for safe swimming for the kids and the waves coming in from the ocean allows for a relaxing view as the tide rolls in and for catching a wave.

2. The Hangklip Lighthouse

Built in 1960, the Hangklip Lighthouse can be reached via a pleasant hiking trail along the coast. The trail also leads you past 2 secluded beaches all the way to the now automated lighthouse.

3. PeriGators

This friendly bar and restaurant offers up wood-fired pizzas, live music, sports on big screens and an all-round great atmosphere. Stop by for a quick meal, take-aways or to catch the live game.

4. Fishing on the Coast

The winding coastline of Pringle Bay and Rooi Els lends itself to a variety of great fishing spots to reel in the big one. Alternatively, head out with one of the local fishing charters for a full day guided experience.

5. Kogelberg Nature Reserve

Surrounding the two villages, the Kogelberg Nature Reserve holds a variety of hiking trails, the chance to spot some of the resident bird- and wildlife as well as stunning views over the climbing landscapes and mountains.

5 Spots to Visit when in Pringle Bay & Rooi Els


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