The Meeting Point of Two Great Oceans

Driving into the small village at the most southern tip of Africa, the ambience of hospitality and lingering history hits you like the beam of the lighthouse and welcomes you to its humble abode. 

Originally named Cabo dos Agulhas (Cape of Needles) by the Portuguese due to the treacherous reef that claimed many ships over the years, it was later renamed by the French influence in the area to L’Agulhas. Once only known for its dangerous coast, the village soon became a place of safety, guiding sailors on their way with the newly-erected lighthouse.

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The village with its white-washed houses lies caught between mountain and the two colliding oceans offering the best views of both land- and seascapes. The houses hold a mixture of beautifully preserved thatch roof houses dotting the coastline and a display of modern architecture on the hills.

The trademark of the town is naturally the iconic lighthouse which holds such an important place in the history of the small town. Beautifully refurbished and made into a museum, the lighthouse is both a beacon of hope and a tribute to those lost at sea.

The famous village is friendly and open to all who visits. Though a small community, the town is always bustling due to visitors and tourists making their way to the southernmost tip of Africa.