Welcome to the Town of Beaches, Big Birds and Thatch Roofs

The small town of Struisbaai, originally a fisherman’s village, is characterised not only by its bountiful oceans and crystal blue water but by its truly endless white sandy beaches. Holding the longest stretch of beach in the southern hemisphere, this seemingly quiet town has much to offer.

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The name of the town is a nice mixture of the thriving fishing industry, sheep and cattle farming in the area and its rich history, although it is still debated which one exactly gave birth to the name. Some say the name was given due to the thatch or rather straw (”strooi” in Afrikaans) roofs of the fishermen’s cottages while others are of the opinion it was given due to the number of ostriches (“volstruis” in Afrikaans or struisvogel in Dutch) in the area. A third possibility is that it is derived from an old Dutch word meaning “huge” due to the 14km long beach.

Known for its spectacular sandy beaches and leading the way to the most southern tip of Africa, Struisbaai has a close-knit community. Although many of the houses are holiday homes, the areas of Hotagterklip and Molshoop are characterized by their beautifully preserved thatch roof houses and local smiling faces.

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No matter the day and, for the most part, no matter the weather the Struisbaai harbour is always a colourful mixture of people, laughter and movement. The multi-coloured boats bring in freshly caught fish nearly every day and they, along with the now resident stingrays, are delightful attractions of the town.