Things to do in Struisbaai

As a popular tourist destination with a vibrant residential community, Struisbaai offers a wide range of attractions and activities for keeping holidaymakers and residents alike entertained. Thanks to the abundance of natural endowments in the area, there’s a host of exciting outdoor adventures to be had here.Things to do in Struisbaai can be chosen to suit an array of ages, preferences, budgets and fitness levels. The fresh smell of the ocean coupled with the panoramic views of the horizon, are certainly easy attractions to take in while you’re here.

Regardless of where in Struisbaai you choose to stay, the incredible natural splendour along this coastline means you’re spoilt for choice. Consider a morning or afternoon of fishing, taking surfing lessons, going on a hike or even enjoying a nearby wine farm with your favourite friends. Alternatively, you can also find several indoor activities should the weather take a turn and you’d like to keep cosy while watching the waves crash against the shoreline. As a notable point of history, there are several historical sites nearby that document the seafaring history of Struisbaai and Agulhas for an afternoon of academia.

There’s a number of support services here that assist with the influx of tourists to Struisbaai and the general Cape Agulhas surrounds year after year. Accommodation like hotels, B&B’s and self-catering units also have booking services for the things to do in Struisbaai. Talk to local tour guides about the best pubs and bars to get in touch with the resident. Enjoy a live band, a few rounds of pool or just the friendly hospitality and service. These are also some of the best ways to get to know your neighbours and the general community here. After all, whether you’re a visitor or a resident, it’s great to have engaging company when you’re enjoying activities and attractions here.

Whether you’re travelling by yourself, with your work colleagues or on your annual family trip. The hospitality of the town, coupled with the things to do in Struisbaai are the perfect combination for your seaside holiday. Similarly, if you’re embarking on a corporate retreat or team building exercise, certainly discover things to in Struisbaai. You’ll find that there is an endless list of incredible things to do in this seaside settlement. And after a busy day of exploring and adventuring, you’ll soon find that unwinding in this charming village is also a real treat. Particularly after a day of fun in the sun.