Saturday Morning Market

For just two hours every Saturday morning, between 10am and noon there is an alluring buzz that fills the air in Greyton. Whether it be the sumptuous smells or social hub of the Saturday morning market that lures you, there are few that can resist the Market Square and many that drive from afar to experience the weekly attraction.


Firstly there is a wide range of goodies to fill your fridge. Preservative-free cheeses that are offered in a wide range of flavours, low-fat yoghurt, Greek yoghurt, farm butter, marmalades, jams, home-made pestos, and freshly baked breads all there to take home. There are fresh organic vegetables available as well as seedlings if you feel inspired to grow your own herbs and vegetables. In support of the surrounding towns you can also find spices, olives and olive products from Villiersdorp.

When the seductive smells are too much to bear however, there is plenty to fill your belly with. For those desiring a taste of the East there are samosas and rotis on offer. One of the most famous snacks however is the pancake stall where the queue is a social event and patience is rewarded with lemon curd or cinnamon fillings with fresh lemon ice cream. The range continues and includes everything from lemon cordial, dried fruits and biltong to a bacon and egg roll and duck and cherry pies. The delicious treats that can be devoured bear testament to the goodness of Greyton's fresh food market. 


Your belly won't be the only thing rumbling though, your imagination will undoubtedly be stimulated by the arts and crafts section of the market. Hand-stitched bookmarks, exquisite calligraphy cards, hand-crafted hessian hats and bags, wine-barrel creations, bio-remedies, smudge sticks, serene white candles and fragrant essential oils line the tables of the morning market. 

The market is very much in support of local businesses as well as good causes. There is a second-hand book stall that is run by Greyton Red Cross and an Animal Welfare stall where someone could adopt an abandoned pet or stock up on treats for their own furry friend back home. 

Sat Morn Market

The Greyton local market is an idyllic place to meet up with the townsfolk with a cup of recently brewed coffee in hand. Catching up on the who's who is a commonplace for the those in the know, while for people new to town it is a great opportunity to get tips on what to do in Greyton or catch stories of the history of the town. Of the many exquisite places to eat in the leafy village, the Saturday morning market is a must see. Saturday Morning Market