Wine farms in Greyton

When it comes to farmlands, the illustrious Cape Overberg is host to some of the most intriguing spreads and delicacies. In some cases, the weather can be pretty harsh in this part of the countryside, however there are many grapes and vintages that absolutely thrive here. Greyton wine farms are a testament to this and are also a an economic hub for attracting revenue and commerce through tourism. The farmlands surrounding this settlement are simply ripe with bounty and promise. This isn’t just great for local businesses, it’s wonderful for those who would like to take a piece of Greyton with them too. There’s nothing quite like uncorking a vintage you enjoyed on holiday once you get home.

Greyton wine connoisseurs who reside in and around this peaceful settlement have managed to tame the wild climate in these parts into a symphony of flavours. And of course, to say that people South Africa love wine is not even beginning to touch the truth of it. Drinking wine has become a hobby, a form of art, a way of life in these parts. The swirl of the liquid in the glass as the rich woody or fruity smell encompasses your senses is a heady experience. One drop contains within it the unique geography and subtle variance of each wine maker’s style from the wonderful heartland of Greyton. Visiting these tasting venues is certainly one of the popular things to do in Greyton and you’ll never have to go alone as many of the people here love spending their afternoons relaxing in the sunshine here.

The wineries in the renowned Cape Country Meander could easily challenge the popular likes of European producers and the wines originating in the Greyton region is of course no different. The only way to truly enjoy a wine route is to take it slowly and savour each moment and flavour. One should never rush through the act of appreciating the wine, especially when you have an unbelievable view of mountains, fynbos and rolling farmlands.

A trip through the wine routes here can also be accompanied by a guided tour for those who would like to know more about the intricacies that produce these delicious bounties. Thankfully Greyton is blessed with an array of well suited accommodation options and many of these offer a driver for groups that would like to partake in a variety of wines and see different estates in a day trip too.

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Farming organically and making our wines naturally. We are an independent organic winery making wines with our Tempranillo and Viognier grapes.

Farming organically and making our wines naturally. We are an independent organic winery making wines with our Tempranillo and Viognier grapes.

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