Historical Walk

The historical walk illuminates the rich history of Greyton and Genadendal. The easy stroll takes in all the highlights and gives the walker a sense of what Greyton and Genadendal were like in days gone by. 

The route first takes you along the main road to two buildings of National Heritage that were some of the first buildings erected in the village. Then it goes on to show the likes of the first shop, old schools, old barns that once belonged to the village blacksmith, rows of old labourers' cottages and the old post office that still stands today. The stories behind these monuments will be revealed on the walk and tell an engaging tale of what once was.

Main Str. House E of Posthouse

You will find the low thatched cottage that once belonged to the founder of Greyton, Herbert Vigne, and some of the original mud-brick houses that were built by the Hassequas KhoiKhoi tribe. Discover fun facts about the current businesses that work in a historical setting like the old trading store and the business centre that was the Central Hotel Inn in the early 1900s. 

There are many places to stay in Greyton and Genadendal but for a little extra allure, guests can stay in a lodge's rooms that date back to 1882 when the rooms once served as police cells. The Anglican Church has been standing since 1904 while the Moravian Church was erected because of the Moravian missionary that journeyed from Slovakia in 1737 to teach the Khoi about Christianity and to read and write. Even the supermarket and hardware store in Greyton have stories to tell!

New (Old) School with addition

The village and surrounding area are scattered with monuments that not only add to the general aesthetics but also the charm. The walk winds through the village centre and to the outskirts of town passing many places to eat in Greyton and Genadendal so that walkers can take a break to ponder history while enjoying a bite to eat. Simply pop into the local tourism office to get your map of the historical village walk.