Top Attractions

1. Greyton Nature Reserve

The 2,200-hectare Greyton Nature Reserve lies at the base of the Riviersonderend mountain range and forms part of the Cape Folded Belt. Considered Greyton and Genadendal's greatest asset, the nature reserve is home to the Gobos River, ravines, high peaks, fynbos and a spectacular variety of bird species. 

Different fynbos species flower throughout the year, but in March and April, the reserve is covered in colourful blankets of flowers as the winter rainfall begins. The nature reserve is perfect for hiking, and the captivating scenery makes any journey worthwhile. Greyton Nature Reserve


2. Cycling and Mountain Biking in Greyton

The demarcated cycling and mountain biking trails range from smooth off-road and forest trails suitable for the whole family to more extreme climbs that challenge the fit and technically skilled. The local cyclists and mountain bike riders are enthusiastic about exploring the area and are happy to share their knowledge of the nearby trails. Their collective enthusiasm usually leads to weekend gatherings where a group of cyclists pedals into the countryside on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Visitors are welcome to join, and it is possible to hire bikes in the village. Mountain Biking in Greyton / Genadendal


3. Saturday Morning Market

The Greyton Saturday Morning Market has become a renowned event in the Overberg. A social buzz and mouthwatering aroma of wholesome food hang in the air, and the market’s vibe is irresistible. The fresh organic produce on sale gets sourced from local gardeners, and apart from all the food stalls, you can shop for arts and crafts, organic produce, seeds, bio-remedies and second-hand books to purchase. Saturday Morning Market in Greyton


4. Historic Village Walk

Greyton and Genadendal’s past comes to life on this historical walk through the village. The first building ever built still stands, while others dating back as early as the 1800s still exist. Visit some of the town’s national monuments and discover the history behind Greyton and Genadendal. On your walk, you will also learn how certain buildings have changed roles over the years. Transformation examples include the old jailhouse that is now holiday accommodation and the village blacksmith's old barn that is now a cafe. Visitors can pick up a detailed map from the tourism office and let the rich history guide their feet through the village. Historic Village Walk in Greyton

Ds. Botha Str. Old Standard Bank

5. Hiking

The Greyton Conservation Society and Greyton Municipality have worked together to mark off relaxed walking paths and more advanced hiking trails for all who visit the quaint village. It is common to encounter incredible birds along the way while the flowering fynbos paints the ground in a kaleidoscope of colours throughout the year. Among the favourites are the famous Boesmanskloof trail, Gifkloof Trail, Greyton to Genadendal Walk, Leiwater Walk, Loerkop Trail, Lower Gobos Walk, Upper Gobos Walk and Platkloof Walk. There are routes that welcome dog walking, horse riding and mountain biking. Note that some trails may require permits available at the tourism office. Hiking in Greyton / Genadendal


6. Bird Watching

The birding in Greyton, Genadendal and the Sonderend Valley is exceptional. Walking through the village often results in great bird watching as the Greyton Nature Reserve compares to bird watching hotspots like the Harold Porter and Caledon botanical gardens in the Overberg. The area's birding list includes the rare likes of the buff-spotted flufftail, African rail, purple heron, African harrier-hawk and martial eagle. That should get any bird lover twitching! A Genadendal resident with an inherent passion for birds has completed a bird-guiding course and offers a guided bird-watching experience. Bird Watching in Greyton / Genadendal


7. Art Meander

Greyton and Genadendal are a haven for artists as they draw their inspiration from the beautiful surroundings. The calibre of artists is exceptional, and there are various ways to experience their artistic creations. Take a stroll through the town and simply spot the pieces of art adorning walls here and there. Alternatively, visit a few of the many art galleries or join an art workshop to delve deeper into the creative process. Among the many artists in the Greyton and Genadendal area, you will find a sculptor and painter who moulds animal and human portraiture, an illustrator of children's books, landscape and marine painters, and even a candle maker. Art Galleries in Greyton / Genadendal

IMG_7188 copy

8. Horse Riding

With incredible surrounding scenery and open fields to canter or gallop across, the Greyton and Genadendal area is perfect for horse riding. A few riding schools offer four-legged adventures, and you can do everything from horse riding lessons, carriage rides, pony rides and horse trails. Depending on your level of expertise, a horse riding experience can take approximately an hour to two hours. Horse Riding in Greyton / Genadendal


9. Wellness

Perhaps it was the soothing undulations of the surrounding mountain range or the therapeutic flow of the rivers that inspired many of the area's wellness centres. Whatever the origin, there is an emphasis on wellness in and around Greyton and Genadendal. The area boasts belly-dancing classes, a skin practitioner, beauty salons, masseuses and pampering stations. Wellness therapies include meditation, reflexology, kinesiology, Reiki, yoga and guided relaxation techniques. One practitioner focuses on restoring your holistic presence through Ayurvedic massage and freeing your mind through neuro-semantics and quantum physics. You are assured to leave Greyton and Genadendal mentally and physically rejuvenated and ready for life’s challenges. Health and Beauty in Greyton / Genadendal