How A Transformation Coach Can Help Entrepreneurs

How A Transformation Coach Can Help Entrepreneurs

Sue Leppan Transformation Facilitator & Life Coach

How A Transformation Coach Can Help Entrepreneurs

This would be either people who are venturing from a secure income into the life of an entrepreneur, or who are leaving corporate life for the adventure of working for themselves. You might already be an entrepreneur.

You might be ready for a coach when you are experiencing the following:

• You feel stuck.

• You have lost the “edge”.

• You need to make big decisions in your business, and you are unsure.

• Your days have become days of stress and anxiety.

• You have bought into the doom and gloom of friends, family, and MSM.

• You fear the political situation and where the economy is going, and this has left you paralyzed.

• You struggle to find the right staff or your staff is unreliable - there is NO GOOD STAFF OUT THERE.

• Your personal life is falling apart because you cannot give your family and your business the time it deserves.

• You are permanently tired and there are not enough hours in a day.

• You have lost your joy for life.

• Procrastination and waiting on someone.

As business people/entrepreneurs we are still part of a bigger life. You are still a spouse, parent, child, friend, chairman, captain, and so many other roles. It takes quite a bit of skill to juggle all of these. One area of our life will influence another. We block our progress when we fight against ourselves - the battle in your head through your self-talk. And here lies the greatest cause of why you no longer enjoy your entrepreneurial life.

So, what can you gain as an entrepreneur:

• Know your vision and gain focus.

• Know who you are with all your strengths and dislikes.

• Free yourself from your negative self-talk.

• Understand the role you play in your own life through your beliefs.

• Gain confidence.

• Quieten your head so you can think or “hear yourself”.

• Discover how you can work smarter and not harder.

• Become the power that is you.

• Let go of stress and anxiety. (Stress means you are worried about what did not happen (yesterday), and anxiety means you worry about what might happen (tomorrow) while you feel like a victim caught between yesterday and tomorrow. - Gosh, do I have a surprise for you.)

• Stop the internal war that is raging between your dream and the fear of failure.

[Transformation Coaching is not Business Coaching. If you need assistance with systems and business-related criteria, please seek the professional assistance of a Business Coach. Transformation Coaching empowers the entrepreneur, who are the corner stone of his/her business.]

How A Transformation Coach Can Help Entrepreneurs

Sue Leppan Transformation Coach

Sue Leppan is a life, transformation and holistic wellness coach based in Sandbaai, Hermanus. Providing therapy for a range of challenges, Sue specialises in targeting and dealing with emotional trauma, self-doubt, depression, stagnation and self-centring. Whether you need help with personal issues ...

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