Pringle Bay & Rooi Els - one of the safest places in South Africa

The safety and security of everyone in the villages are a top priority for the Pringle Bay and Rooi Els communities. In fact, the villages are proud to boast that they have an incredibly low crime rating. Not many other places in the world, let alone in South Africa, can say they’re virtually crime free.

As the residents of the villages value their laid-back, beach-going lifestyle and know that they rely on tourists to come through every year, security is a top priority. It’s a great selling point to visitors to be able to walk through Pringle Bay and Rooi Els at night, not worrying about anything. Parents are happy to let their children explore the villages on foot or by bicycle and not have to watch their every move.

The people of Pringle Bay and Rooi Els have come together to ensure their safety and worked with the South African Police Services (SAPS) to maintain this tradition. Security for the village is controlled by the fact that there is only one way in and out of Pringle Bay. This entry and exit point is monitored constantly. Visitors to the villages will note that there is a guard hut just off the road and there is a CCTV camera that keeps an eye on everything coming through the area. There is another camera that takes a photo of the licence plate of each vehicle as it enters and exits. This area is also the only place in Pringle Bay that’s lit up at night. In addition to this, Pringle Bay and Rooi Els are patrolled by a highly efficient armed response company.

The community has worked very hard to put all of these security measures in place to make their village safe. However, none of these features impact negatively on life in Pringle Bay and Rooi Els. In fact, the features are constantly there, working in the background so that everyone in the village can feel free to enjoy their daily lives.

The low crime rating is something that the locals are proud of, especially when holidaymakers say that it’s one of the main reasons that they chose Pringle Bay and Rooi Els for their trip.