Property for sale in Greyton

Greyton originated as an agricultural town over 150 years ago, a labour of love by a young Englishman who bought the Weltevreden farm in 1846. Not only did Herbert Vigne leave behind a sophisticated village, but he also facilitated valuable real estate in and around this renowned town that you can now own today. Property for sale in Greyton offers you the chance to become a proud owner of real estate in one of the most well-preserved and quaint towns in South Africa. 

This little village is peaceful and tranquil surrounded by the Riviersonderend Mountains and providing incredible scenery. In fact, the crystal clear waters that run down from these mountains is what creates the enchanting lei water canals throughout Greyton. In fact, many of the properties in this town have their own lei water dams that get filled by this canal system. Many locals use this supply to irrigate their expansive evergreen gardens. 

There are many historic buildings in Greyton that have been fully and painstakingly restored to their true rustic glory. Add to this countryside charm the wonderful neighbourhoods featuring oak-lined lanes and you’ll quickly appreciate this truly magical region of the Western Cape. It’s not uncommon to see cows, horses and even donkeys stroll through the town and take refuge in the shade of leafy gardens. It truly is a complete change in pace for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city-life. 

Greyton has a range of thriving businesses that flourish with the steady stream of visitors to the Overberg, largely due to the robust nature of the Western Cape’s tourism industry. It’s located less than 2 hour’s drive away from Cape Town and the International Airport making it incredibly accessible for anyone travelling through this part of South Africa. The village has many accommodation, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and even art galleries. 

Buying property in Greyton also provides the opportunity to take in some of the most amazing wildlife and nature in the region. You can mountain bike or hike through various routes and trails. Not to mention the canoeing, swimming, fishing and even horse riding opportunities in abundance. Regardless of which activities attract you, look out for spectacular gorges, waterfalls, plunge pools and rare Fynbos in the surrounding landscapes. In short, property for sale in Greyton isn’t just an attractive financial investment, it’s also a wonderful lifestyle one. For more information don’t hesitate to contact one of the many real estate agents currently operating in this Overberg town.

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