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Real Soap
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Our 100% Natural handcrafted soaps are Superfatted for a really creamy lather that moisturizes your skin. We do not use aromatic oils but only pure essential oils, which will not only give you the benefit of their healing properties but also their fragrance.

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Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  It has the capacity to absorb a mulitude of things.  Unhappily this also means that it will absorb chemicals from the air or those contained in so-called "good-for-you" skin products.

If you take the trouble to read the labels and then spend a lazy afternoon checking these ingredients and their negative effects on the internet, you will come to learn the reality that all this stuff is not good for you.  Many of these products can actually cause skin infections, diseases and even cancer. (Please stay connected for future blogs on these ingredients)

Unhappily the laws have large grey areas as far as the ingredients of cosmetics are concerned, thus the manufacturer need only put in a small percentage in order to label a product e.g. organic, natural or containing some plant extract.  This is all part of marketing.  Baby soap is not mild as you may imagine but contains a whole cocktail of chemical ingredients.  Certainly none of these will actually kill you but in time will most definitely not do your skin any good.

Our Mission is to offer you the purest products we can create, with the purest ingredients we can find in order to give you the best, most natural product that will truly do only good things for your skin.

Our soaps are all cooked from scratch in our own kitchen - no large factory premises.  We do not buy slabs of manufactured melt-n-pour soaps as these, mostly, also contain petro chemical ingredients. By doing it ourselves from start to finish we can control the exact ingredients and results we want in order to bring you the purest soap we can.  We only use 100% pure oils that have not been heat treated, blended or had any kind of stabilizers or additives added to them.  Most of our ingredients are sourced in South Africa.  Some essential oils unhappily do come from overseas as these plants do not grow in our country but we buy from ethically produced manufacturers only.

Once we have cooked the soap we once again add more of the oil used into the batch - called Super-Fatting!  We then cure the soaps for several weeks making sure that the conversion of oils to soap is completed.  In this way you get a really hard bar of soap, with a very creamy lather that will last a good 2-3 months.

The shampoo soap is also frozen for better saponification.  It contains castor oil to give the hair a shine and softens it.  Rosemary essential oil is a natural hair conditioner.  You will no longer need to condition the hair after washing.

We suggest that once a month or so you make a natural hot oil treatment to give your hair that little bit of extra conditioning.  This is especially important if you have long hair. 

  • Pour 2-3 tablespoons of pure olive or coconut oil into a microwave container. 
  • Then add a good tablespoon of honey.
  • Heat it to slightlly warmer than body temperature e.g. baby bottle warm, making sure the honey is properly melted.
  • Work into the hair and wrap with a plastic bag or clingfilm.  Keep warm with a towel.
  • Leave this on the hair for at least an hour or even the whole day and then wash it out with our shampoo soap as usual.

For extra shine or if your hair tends to fly away, rinse after washing with

  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a liter of warm water. 

The vinegar also strenghtens the hair and neutralizes any soap that might not be rinsed out properly

Our shaving balm is asolutely addictive and cost effective too. A jar will last a good 6 months with a once a day shave. You will no longer need to use pre/aftershave products.  The oils create a creamy lather, while the Bay Rum and Rahsoul mineral clay give a good slip.  The essential oils heal, soften and moisturize. Say goodbye to burning skin after you have shaved.

  • Please soak the brush in some hot water before use.  This is especially important for Beaver hair.

PS: Many of our ladies have started sneaking some of this shaving balm as it works really well on tender parts.  Just use a small sponge to build up some lather and shave as usual.

Our pet bar - WOOFI - contains a range of essential oils that will kill any existing fleas and their eggs.  It also disinfects any possible bite wounds; gives your furry child soft, glossy hair with no more skin irritation.  This is especially good for dogs with a flea allergy. Be aware that if there are fleas in the pets environment , they will once again climb onto him.

  • Grate some of this soap to wash pet bedding as well.

Goats Milk soap must be the Rolls Royce of soaps.  It is extrmely creamy with high moisturizing properties.  It is even possible that you will no longer need heavy moisturizers.  We find it hard to get this milk as the farmers use their milk to make cheese.  Lots of farmer TLC needed to procure the milk for you.  If you already have a slightly oily skin this is not recommended.

Fragrance Free soaps, be it goats milk, olive or coconut oil are the best choice for those with skin problems.  We have had many positive report from our clients saying that their allergies have disappeared altogether.  You must remember that the cocktail of chemicals in beauty products is often the cause of these skin problems so stopping their use is the best thing you can do for your skin.

Instead of using expensive moisturizers why not try using just some pure coconut or olive oil?  Leave the skin slightly damp as this will give a better spread of the oil and use only a few drops.

With natural beauty products you no longer have to invest in a whole range of products e.g. eye cream, face cream, hand cream, foot cream etc.  This is all about marketing and getting you to buy even more products. A good shampoo bar like ours and soap together with a skin oil is all most of us need.






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