Camping in Hermanus

South Africans have a long tradition of camping, it can be considered as one of our favourite past times.  The astounding natural beauty of our land makes it an obvious choice for many who often find themselves more at home near the earth and ocean then they do in the nests of luxury.

Camping is versatile, empowering and adventurous, it also happens to be the most budget-friendly accommodation you can hope to find. It’s an ideal choice of accommodation in Hermanus and is suited for the whole family, those moving in smaller groups or for those who are passing through the town for a few nights on their journey through the Cape. 

The joys of camping are endless, especially when being blessed with such neat ablutions and features like those that exist in Hermanus. The natural wonderers of Hermanus are also the town’s greatest attractions, making camping a natural choice for many.

With a short walk to the ocean and set amongst a Milkwood forest, campers can celebrate falling asleep to the sounds of waves crashing against the shoreline and waking up to the gentle voices of their neighbours. Besides, has breakfast ever tasted as good then when it comes off the skottel braai?

For those who love the outdoors, the affordability of camping is just an added reward that comes with choosing to be close to nature. For campers and nature lovers, luxury lies in waking up with the sun, having the lagoon as your swimming pool and being close to the mighty Atlantic, where some of the best land-based whale watching occurs. 

Choosing to camp or stay in a caravan allows you to curate your own accommodation.  You have complete agency when it comes to the size of your rig and set-up to suit your tastes and needs.  From being die-hard campers with the latest and greatest gear (which often included queen-sized matters, fold out kitchens and camping hammocks tied under the shade of the trees) to being the lightest of travellers who want to rent everything from their tent to their bedding, you’ll find what you are looking for in Hermanus.

Camping in Hermanus gives you the perfect opportunity to get back to nature, hear the cries of the whales and share your day’s adventures around a campfire, awed by the simple beauty of the starlit sky.

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Onrus Caravan Park is uniquely situated right on the coast, stretching from Haarderbaai to Vermont.

Onrus Caravan Park is uniquely situated right on the coast, stretching from Haarderbaai to Vermont.

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