Kayaking in Hermanus

Are you interested in exploring the magnificent Cape Overberg while also gliding across crystal ocean waters and marvelling at an array of natural splendour and marine life? Then definitely look into stopping at Hermanus for a kayaking getaway that you’ll not soon forget. There is a unique magic to be experienced along this spectacular protected coastline. Not only is there the Walker Bay Whale Sanctuary, but there are also several conservation sites all over this part of the Western Cape. So when you’re exploring the waters here you’re accessing some of the most unspoilt landscapes in South Africa. 

The bustling hub of Hermanus, which was founded in the late 19th century, is located on the cliffs Walker Bay. This is one of the most renowned stretches of coastline in the world because of the spectacle that is the yearly whale migration. But there truly is an expansive array of marine life to explore while kayaking here, besides the whales you’ll stand a great chance of also seeing dolphins, seals, penguins and even a shy otter here and there. If you take a guided tour this increases your chances of seeing some of the rarer sighting as the locals know exactly where to find the best spots. You can even take a swimming break, weather dependant. 

If you’re visiting Hermanus and need to organise kayaking equipment there are a number of retailers, suppliers and sports shops available in town. You can either buy or rent the gear you need to hit the waters. Many guided tours also offer the kayaks, paddles and life jackets as part of the cost, but with the added benefit of a professional to guide you. They can not only teach you how to kayak properly if you’re not that experienced, but they also offer invaluable insights during your time on the water, even if you’re a professional yourself. Particularly when it comes to filling you in on all the wildlife you’re bound to encounter and how to react to each. You can even usually get a discount if you’re booking for a large group. This is a great option for large families or corporate kayaking trips. 

There are a few things to remember when kayaking in Hermanus – whether on the lagoon, rivers or the sea. For example, sunscreen is incredibly important! The African sun reflected on the waters can be a bit unforgiving on your skin. This is also why you must always wear a hat and even sunglasses to help with preventing sunstroke. Also remember to always take a lot of drinking water to hydrate and warm clothes in case it gets a bit chilly – particularly if over sunrise or sunset. Kayaking in Hermanus is guaranteed to be an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime. So be sure to book your trip if you get the chance!

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Welcome to Walker Bay Adventures in Hermanus

Welcome to Walker Bay Adventures in Hermanus

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