Blog Update - 11 January 2018

Blog Update - 11 January 2018

Marine Dynamics Shark Tours

It was another 9 AM launch for Slashfin and as we headed out to sea we hoped that the white sharks would come visit today. The bay was flat with the sun shining overhead and a light south easterly breeze keeping the temperature cool. We didn't have to wait long before we had a visitor, a large copper shark that curiously swam back and forth in front of the cage as thousands of Cape Cormorants flew by in the distance, with some coming within 10 meters of the boat.

Both of today's trips were blessed with the presence of several copper sharks, ranging in all sizes. There were some very small juveniles that almost looked like they could be a large shark stuffed animal, and there were some very large copper sharks that at a glimpse nearly tricked us into thinking it was a white shark. Unfortunately neither of our trips today got to see white sharks and they've left us wondering where they've gone off to or if they're just being a bit shy. We look forward to seeing what incredible creatures decide to join us this weekend!

Blog Update - 11 January 2018


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