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Everyone can use an extra helping hand from time to time and if your children are living or holidaying in Hermanus and need some extra tuition time then this help can come in the form of a professional home tutor. From maths and science to English and the arts, these education experts can help your child get to grips with their syllabus and to do their very best.

When it comes to the foundation grades, it’s essential to ensure that your child is keeping pace with the work in school and isn’t getting left behind. If their reading skills or basic arithmetic aren’t strong enough at this point, your child could really struggle to play catch up later. This is where foundation tutors come in. They will work with both you and your child to improve reading, writing and counting so that they can take part in class with confidence.

As your children progress through school, they may find that there are subjects that they struggle with or need a little extra help with to ensure that they pass come exam time. Getting in a tutor to give them private lessons can build your child’s confidence and their understanding of the subject. A one-on-one session where your child can go through all of the elements they aren’t sure about and ask questions in a safe environment could be invaluable in the long run. 

Experts in education can also help your child to build and expand the skills needed for general learning, studying for specific exams and also actually writing tests. These skills are essential not only in school, but as your child progresses into tertiary education and throughout life. Knowing how to take information and break it down into pieces that are easy to understand is a vital skill for anyone in life. It helps you to process big decisions that need to be made and ensures that you ask the right questions so that you get all of the necessary information needed to make up your mind.

School can be an overwhelming place for a child, especially if they’re shy or aren’t doing particularly well in certain subjects. Kids can get frustrated and stop trying at all if they feel like there’s no point to it. With a tutor or educational expert helping them out one or several afternoons a week, your child can go from withdrawn and struggling to confident and sure of their work. Call a professional home tutor in Hermanus to give your child a leg up in their school work.

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Education, Extra lessons, Professional Tuition, Maths, Science, English, Reading, Spelling, Phonics, Comprehension, Afrikaan...

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