Discover a taste for Cape Agulhas at the southernmost brewery in Africa

Visiting Napier for the first time, it comes across as any other small town South Africa. On closer inspection you discover a whole other side to Napier filled with various spectacular sights, sound and tastes. Speaking of tastes, did you know the southernmost brewery is located in the humble town of Napier?

Established in 2007, the Napier Brewery was the brainchild of a small group of dedicated beer enthusiastic friends. Dedicated to producing quality, flavourful beers the micro-brewery produces a small selection of crafted English-style ales and lagers brewed from only the finest quality malted barley, hops, yeast and water from the area. 

Those interested in finding out more about the Brewery will be delighted to know that they do tours and tastings through the Brewery and are happy to share their knowledge on brewing and the town. Also remember to ask your local accommodation or restaurant for a Napier Beer. Choose from Overberg Ale, Blue Crane Lager or Old Charlie Stout and savour the true taste of Cape Agulhas.

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