Stanford Weather

The lovely little village of Stanford, with its welcoming ambience and pleasant residents, is beautifully complemented by its mild Mediterranean climate. This is why Stanford is the perfect countryside getaway for a happy holiday.

Located on the banks of the Klein River and sheltered by the Kleinriver Mountains, the village offers a spectacular showcase of colours when the seasons change across the landscapes. Summers are bright and sunny allowing for endless hours of exploring and soaking up the warmth of the African sun. Days carry an average temperature of 25°C in summer and never drop below 16°C in winter. The slightly chilly winter days are interspersed with rain showers that lends to the perfect excuse to stay at home and get cosy in front of the fire.

The easy weather seems to accompany the relaxed atmosphere of the village and makes for an enjoyable holiday whether in summer or in winter. Let the weather in Stanford show you its true colours in a kaleidoscope of colour and fun.