Top Attractions

1. The Countryside Lifestyle

Stanford is a well-known holiday destination for many Capetonians, yet it has retained that “undiscovered” feeling. A small village tucked away between the Kleinriver Mountains and Walker Bay Nature Reserve, it has never lost its endearing charm and simple ways.  Days spent in Stanford are filled with soaking up the crisp clear air and strolling through the picturesque countryside. It is about immersing yourself in nature’s effervescent beauty and savouring the finer things in life, such as exquisite food, the outdoors, good wine and time spent with loved ones. Country Lifestyle in Stanford

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2. The Klein River

The Klein River, so aptly named because it is the smallest river in the world when you measure it as the crow flies. However, the winding streams measure 80km and possess a wondrous beauty that it is incredible to discover by kayak or lazy boat cruise. Many lazy afternoons are spent exploring the river’s banks or simply enjoying a picnic while listening to the rustle of reeds and melody of the many birds. Stanford River Adventures Gallery


3. Birdwatching

Stanford is fast becoming a well-known birding destination. The picturesque village is located in the Cape Floral Kingdom and it has a river running through its heart, which makes it the perfect home for the 200 different species that reside here. Listen to the daily melody that accompanies the rising and setting sun or admire the colourful plumages that decorate the river bank, tree tops and blue sky. This is a bird lover’s paradise. Birdwatching in Stanford

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4. Wine Farms

The wine culture has flourished in South Africa and is fast becoming a popular wine destination, catching the eye of local and international wine enthusiasts. Wine has become something of a culture in South Africa with wine makers taking unfaltering pride in their work. Stanford is surrounded by brilliant wine farms that are lesser-known but also produces world-class wine! Sip the molten decadence that has been made and shaped by skilled hands while enjoying the quiant country lifestyle, spectacular views and sometimes delicious gourmet food. Wine Farms in Stanford


5. Birkenhead Micro-Brewery

For those that enjoy the bitter and foamy taste of various Ales and Lagers, the Birkenhead Micro-Brewery is the perfect stop for a bit of beer tasting. Although small, the brewery has a range of beers to tempt the palette – anything ranging from Premium Lager, Honey Blonde Ale, Chocolate Malt Stout, the infamous Black Snake and more. This trip is fun not only for beer lovers but anyone with an inquisitive taste for all things delicious. It also adds a little twist to a wine tasting tour.


6. The Food

When many think of Stanford the thought is accompanied by fresh organic food that will elicit nostalgia with its homemade goodness. Being set in the country, Stanford is spoilt with garden-fresh goodness. Some locals even grow their own herbs or vegetables in between buying straight from the local farmers. This sustainable way of living is also accompanied by a love for traditional food, which really, is more like soul food. Hearty dishes and a warm hospitality make Stanford a wonderful place to dine. Places to Eat in Stanford

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7. Local Markets

Many of the locals purchase the organic produce from the farmers that display their best at the weekly markets. Locals and market lovers are spoilt for choice as there are weekly markets. In between buying fresh vegetables or spoiling yourself with a home-baked treat, there is the casual socialising and sometimes entertainment to put the cherry on top. Local Markets in Stanford


8. Artistic Scenes

Stanford is most certainly an artsy town. The art may come in many different forms as there are galleries, artsy cafes, antique shops and artists that simply make the town a better place with their incredible work. The Viva Art Foundation is one such project that is run by the community to uplift the nearest location with wall murals and bright colours in an attempt to combat some of the difficulties of poverty. The annual Viva Arts Festival celebrates the incredible art that is present in the village and showcases how it affects people’s lives positively. Arts and Culture in Stanford


9. Heritage Sites

Stanford was founded by Sir Robert Stanford and it was declared a town in 1857. The people of Stanford are very protective of the heritage sites and the Cape Victorian and Edwardian style buildings that seem to add to the charm of the town. In 1992 the townsfolk created the Stanford Conservation Trust that was responsible for maintaining the natural environment and heritage sites surrounding Stanford. Stanford is now the third most preserved village in the Western Cape. Stroll through the town and imagine the bygone era that existed there once before. History and Heritage of Stanford

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10. Outdoor Activities

Set in the countryside and with the Klein River snaking its way through the town, Stanford has many outdoor activities to amuse for hours. One can set out into the country side or along the mountains by foot, by horse or by quad bike. To really grasp the scenery the best adventure is to take to the skies in a scenic flight where mountains, vineyards, fynbos-clad valleys and the ocean can be seen from a bird’s eye view. For those that enjoy riverside adventures there is kayaking, fishing and lazy boat cruises that take you down the Klein River. Bird watching is a great highlight and both bird lovers and novices will undoubtedly be impressed by the many species on display. No visit to Stanford is complete without a visit to Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary which is a  non-profit company that provides a safe haven for rescued big cats such as lions and tigers. Outdoor Activities in Stanford

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