Agriculture in Stanford

The Klein River that flows through Stanford not only offers an exciting list of things to do, but also serves as the heartbeat to the livelihood of the village. Moulded by its rich history, the community is primarily still a farming one and strongly relies on the services of the agriculture stores in Stanford.

The helpful farming and animal husbandry stores supply the local hardworking farmers with all their day to day farming essentials. From animal feed and grains to fencing material and farming equipment. Keeping the bustling little village supplied with fresh-from-the-farm produce requires the right fertilizers and irrigation topped off with expert advice passed down from neighbour to neighbour.

South Africa is still very much based on the agriculture sector and Stanford is no exception. The local community prides itself in the producing and selling of fresh locally produced products. This fact is largely thanks to the local farmers and agriculture development in Stanford.

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Sales and repair services for tractors.

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