About Birding in Stanford

A true bird lovers paradise!

If your idea of the perfect holiday is waking up in the countryside to the tweeting of the early birds then you’ve found your ideal getaway. Welcome to Stanford, the unproclaimed birdwatching hotspot of the Overberg.

Situated in the heart of the Overberg with its rich biodiversity and nestled into the Cape Floral Kingdom with its abundance of endemic plant life, the village of Stanford is any bird lover’s paradise. A visit to the riverside village will fill your senses with the sights and sounds of over 200 bird species that call this little patch of unique flora their home. Let your eyes follow the colourful little bodies as they flit across the lush fields of flowering Fynbos with a rapid beating of their wings. Alternatively whet your appetite with the burst of sound accompanying the ebb and flow of the Klein River. Hop on a kayak or take a lazy river cruise to get an up close look as these busy-bodies as they dive in between the reeds from which their carefully woven nests hang.


The spectacular concentration of species of birds in Stanford has even given origin to birding festivals being hosted here throughout the year. The popular events include various talks and presentations on our various bird species, falconry shows and general bird watching, of course. The festivals are fast becoming a popular attraction for bird lovers of all ages and makes for a fun and educational outing for the whole family.


The vast number of bird species in the Stanford area allows even the untrained eye to spot these delightful feathered creatures and provide the ultimate birdwatching spot for the expert. Birdwatching in Stanford will truly open your eyes to a whole new world of colours and contrasts.