Grootbos Secret Season (Part 2)

Grootbos Secret Season (Part 2)

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Now that we’re all familiar with the Secret Season at Grootbos (May to July), we take a closer look at some of the wonderful experiences you can look forward to during this time:

Erica irregularis
Every year one particular plant transforms the landscape into a canvas of unbelievable pink. Found nowhere else in the world, this rare Erica irregularis joins in as the whole wilderness comes alive…
For most regions springtime is when nature bursts into a vibrant collaboration of blossoming flowers and birdsong. But at the southern region of Africa, winter is the time when the Overberg puts on a magical show. Situated in the hub of the Cape Floral Kingdom, the rolling hills of fynbos come alive with colour and the creatures of the area come out to play.
This blushing burst of colour is thanks to the rare Erica irregularis. This particular Erica is only found on the hills between the towns of Gansbaai and Stanford which falls within the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. Read more about Erica irregularis.

Bird Watching
Animals and insects feast on the flowers, ancient milkwoods glow with vitality in the morning dew...
Seemingly triggered by the hues of bright orange and pink that dance across the skies, another palette of colour awakens below. The fields of the Overberg come alive during this time with the uniquely adapted creations that is Fynbos.
During the Winter months the hills are covered in the soft tones of the Bietou Bush (yellow), White Bristle Bush (white), the Erica irregularis (pink) as well as the return of our glorious Proteas (our national flower). These species make the fields come alive with colour and attracts an abundance of birds to the Reserve.
During the Secret Season you can look forward to spotting species like the Cape Sugarbird, the Southern Boubou, the Orange-breasted Sugarbird and the Blue Crane (our national bird) to mention but a few. Read more about Bird Watching.

Honey Harvesting
Harvest your own honey from the hives in the fynbos...
The Overberg conceals a world of intricate curiosities hidden away from most during a large part of the year. But as the dawn breaks on the magical Secret Season, this changes in a heartbeat. The fields of low shrubs transform into a mosaic of soft tones and earthy aromas which attracts all manner of winged creatures of the land.
Established in an area with such rich biodiversity, Grootbos is dedicated to preserving its natural treasures for guests and future generations alike to explore and experience - from the bigger land-dwelling creatures to the microscopic insects of the fields. We invite guests to join our very own beekeeper in heading out and harvesting their own honey. Read more about Honey Harvesting.

Fynbos Discoveries
A rare time when nature parades in all her beauty. Immerse yourself in another world…
The first sign of something changing is almost tangible in the air. The fresh Autumn air gives way to a crispness and the early mornings and evenings are touched with a soft warm glow that grows into bright splashes of pink and oranges across the sky. And as it above, it changes below. As the Overberg settles into Winter, the landscapes burst into a flurry of colour and activity.
Subtly blended into the landscape you’ll find the luxurious Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. Dedicated to preserving the plant- and wildlife of this treasured area, the 2500 hectares of the Reserve ensures that the species here are protected while being available for guests to experience and explore in a variety of ways. Read more about Fynbos Discoveries.

Gardens at Grootbos
Pick your own organic vegetables and prepare them with a chef…
As the magical Secret Season dawns upon the Overberg, it brings with it the much needed winter rains. The drizzle of nourishment to the fields ignites the blossoming of the fynbos and the flurry of feathered activity that goes along with it. The soft rains bring out a vibrant new dash of green not only to the endemic fynbos of the Reserve, but also the gardens at Grootbos.
Early mornings see the gardens around the Lodges adorned with beads of morning dew and makes for a lovely spot to watch the creatures of the land and sky welcome in the new day. And likewise, the rains also feed the gardens at our Growing The Future project farm, Siyakhula. Read more about Gardens at Grootbos.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Part 3 of our Secret Season journey - you don’t want to miss this!

Grootbos Secret Season (Part 2)

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

With breathtaking panoramic views of mountain and sea, the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is a luxurious pristine paradise showcasing the splendour of the Cape Floral Kingdom and the incredible marine life of the southern tip of Africa. Situated 2 hours from Cape Town, Grootbos is the perfect ce...

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