The Stanford Street Festival Programme


10h00    Queen Victoria Street Closed, Festival Opens, Stalls

10h30    Live Music, Magic Show, Stalls

11h00   Street Acrobats, Meet the Authors, Stalls

11h30   Street Acrobats, Pony Rides, Live Music, Stalls

12h00   Street Board Race, Street Acrobats, Pony Rides,Stalls

12h30   Street Race, Pony, Magic Show, Stalls

13h00   Street Race, Live Music, Street Acrobats, Pony Rides, Stalls

13h30   Pony Rides, Stalls

14h00   Father Christmas, Pony Rides, Stalls

14h30   Live Music, Father Christmas, Stalls

15h00   Stalls

15h30   Stalls

16h00   Queen Victoria Street reopened

Our Village Wine Route offering Wine Tastings will be open from 11h00 to 14h30. As part of the Route enjoy Cap Classique and oysters.

Over 70 Stands are just waiting for you!!

Stanford Street Festival 14 December 2014
Street Race
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