Resorts in Betty's Bay

Those who visit the spectacular shores of Betty’s Bay soon discover that it’s an ideal destination, able to offer peace and tranquillity as well as unforgettable opportunities for adventure. This means that whether you’re honeymooning with your sweetheart or taking a holiday with your extended family, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in this charming seaside town. 

Folks in need of a welcome rest can lie in late and listen to the rumbling waves, as they look forward to a relaxing day of long walks in the fynbos. Follow this with sundowners and spectacular views and you have the ideal getaway. Thrill seekers, on the other hand, can rise with the birds to catch the perfect wave before heading up to the shining white dunes for a spot of sand boarding. With a number of bars and bistros, there’s enough after-hours activity to give groups of friends loads of time to catch up after a long sunny day.

When it comes to settling down for a good sleep, visitors are offered ample choices of top-quality accommodation in Betty's Bay. Resorts in Betty’s Bay cater for all kinds of guests which mean that you’ll easily find a place to stay that meets your needs. Families with small children tend to look for options with fenced-in gardens and swimming pools, because outdoor safety is essential to parents’ peace of mind. They also tend to opt for resorts with entertainment and activity facilities – indoors and out. Honeymooning couples on the other hand, gravitate towards all-inclusive lodgings where comfort and privacy are the primary concerns. 

Interestingly, Betty’s Bay is also home to a number of eco resorts that are geared to make as little impact on the local environment as possible. This offers a new kind of accommodation for the environmentally conscious traveller. In fact, the town is largely a nature reserve, complete with a penguin sanctuary and marine protected waters. Many permanent residents are passionate about their endemic flora and offer visitors unique opportunities to experience the coastal wildlife in a safe and responsible manner.

Whatever your preferences when you visit Betty’s Bay, it’s good to know that you’ll be catered for in every regard. That means you can have the honeymoon you’ve been dreaming about or that much-needed break with the family. A much-valued advantage of staying in the area is that wherever you bed down for the night, you’re a stone’s throw away from unparalleled beauty. With impressive mountains on one side and an exquisite ocean on the other, you’re never far from the kind of sights that make for unforgettable holidays.

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