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One of the curious things about the Cape is that it’s known to have four seasons in one day. This makes for dramatic scenery, as racing clouds dart across a clear blue sky to bring a flurry of rain before disappearing as quickly as they came. Understandably, this makes for exquisite scenery, and plenty of photo opportunities. The nature of the Overberg region in particular has drawn many people with artistic inclinations who have set up businesses here, as inspiration lies all around. In fact, it’s hard not to be inspired when you look out of your window and see majestic green slopes rising up into the mysterious clouds above.

It’s no surprise then, that the beautiful town of Betty’s Bay is home to numerous media and technology professionals, including several writers. This little seaside village hugs the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and is hemmed in by the slopes of the Hottentots-Hollands Mountains. These incredible geological elements bring along with them some phenomenal weather patterns, and Betty’s Bay is known for its impressive wind, storms, and unforgettable sunny days. Writers around here are hard pressed not to hit the keyboard when it’s looking a little dubious outside. With views of bristling fynbos, mysterious black-water lakes and the glittering Atlantic waves, thoughts come rushing into the mind faster than you can type.

Writers in Betty’s Bay are available for all sorts of copy work. While most of them function on a freelance basis, some are permanently employed at nearby digital marketing companies and publications. From the local gazette to quarterly editions, there’s no shortage of things to read around here, and when it comes time to find authors, there are plenty to choose from. Novelists too find a welcome space in this small town, that’s far removed from the rushing crowds and fast pace of the city. When day-to-day life is governed by the clemency of the weather, there are ample opportunities to stare into the distance and wait for inspiration to strike.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a writer to visit the Cape Whale Coast. If there are thoughts in your head, then this is a good place to exercise them. The frenetic weather only serves to keep you on your mental toes. Then, when you’re done thinking, you can relax into a good book as you watch the ocean thrash in the storm, or calmly roll on by, depending of the time of day. Whatever you do here, you won’t forget your time in this gorgeous part of South Africa.

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I offer a wide range of content production services for several industries.

I offer a wide range of content production services for several industries.

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