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Betty’s Bay is a remarkable little town and considered one of the Cape Whale Coast’s gems. Indeed, natural beauty abounds in all directions which is probably why the area’s small population of permanent residents have chosen to live here. The Kogelberg Mountains set the scene for incredible light and shadow plays as the coastal clouds scurry by. Then there’s the wild Atlantic Ocean that laps against the white sandy beach. Crisscrossed with rambling fynbos meanders and infused with the unmistakable tang of seaside air, this is a truly special place.

It comes as no surprise that many of the permanent residents here are creatively inclined. With so much inspiration all around it’s easy to see how artists and artisans have chosen to settle in the area. In fact, many of the local businesses reflect this and Betty’s Bay has a number of gift stores. From artworks and knick-knacks to photographs and homemade delicacies, you can find all kinds of curios and mementos in the village. 

If you’re here on holiday, it’s a fantastic idea to support the local retail outlets. A brief tour of the gift shops in Betty’s Bay will show you a diverse selection of wonderful items. Some shopkeepers make their own clothes with hand-printed fabrics while others specialise in woodwork or pottery. It’s remarkable how talented the artisans are and the best part is that the items usually come with a story. There’s something sentimental about having a keepsake from a special holiday. Every time you see it sitting on your shelf or hanging in your closet at home you’re reminded of the peaceful, carefree days you spent. 

When it comes to pickles and preserves, these make excellent gifts to show friends and family that you were thinking about them. You’ll find a good selection of dried fruits and nuts in the various businesses in Betty’s Bay and these make tasty road snacks to enjoy in the car as you cruise from one place of interest to the next.

It’s hard when your holiday comes to an end and even more so when you’ve been staying in such a magical place as Betty’s Bay. With a special purchase from one of the gift and curio shops in the area however, you can drive away with a precious little something to remind you of your experience. As the timeless mountains recede in your rear-view mirror, it’s good to know that your happy memories aren’t going anywhere.

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