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Betty’s Bay is one of the most picturesque towns in the Overstrand region. It’s tucked away just off the main coast road and nestled snugly between the wild Atlantic Ocean and the impressive Kogelberg Mountain Range. Primarily a holiday resort, the area is home to a vast array of attractions, from sweeping white sand dunes and a gorgeous coastline to wildlife sanctuaries and iconic fynbos. As a seasonal place of interest, this lovely village consists mainly of holiday homes, bed and breakfasts and other kinds of comfortable accommodation. Many people have opted to build their holiday homes here, keeping them primed and ready for those times in the year when they can get away. 

For property owners, it’s good to know that a reliable cleaning service in Betty’s Bay is just a phone call away. You simply have to find a company that works with your needs. That way, they can ensure that your home away from home is cleaned from top to bottom in time for your arrival. Unfortunately, even when you tidy up before you head back to the city, the dust builds up. What’s more, the musty smell of an unopened house seems to be twice as overpowering by the seaside.  

In fact, homes by the ocean need a lot of attention. For one thing, salty residue builds up on the windows and requires regular washing in order to maintain a clear view. Then there are those lines of marching ants that can smell a crumb of toast from 100 meters away. When you’re taking a break from your nine to five, the last thing you probably feel like is donning the wash gloves and breaking out the detergents. Fortunately, cleaning services can do that for you.

Another advantage of cleaning ladies in Betty’s Bay comes into play when you’re actually here on holiday. Whether you own the property or are renting it out as self-catering accommodation, it’s a relief to know that you can call in for help. Most people don’t want to do dishes and clean floors when they’re taking a break and when this is the case you can simply hire someone to do it for you. This leaves you with loads more time to explore the stunning surrounds or simply kick back and relax with a good book.

Visiting Betty’s Bay is a real treat and there’s no need to spend your holiday washing the floors. Rather hire a cleaning service and hit the beach.

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An established property management agency offering short-term holiday rentals as well a convenient cleaning service.

An established property management agency offering short-term holiday rentals as well a convenient cleaning service.

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