Thrilling Shark Cage Diving For Easter

Easter shark cage diving trips are booking up fast, with an influx of families visiting Gansbaai over the Easter period. As we step closer to the peak shark months of May to August, we also see a change in the these fish, displaying a hunting behaviour known as breaching. Breaching is where the sharks launch themselves out of the water in pursuit of their prey. Most often the Cape Fur Seal, of which there is an abundance in Shark Alley. This behaviour allows the sharks to startle and grab their prey, as they return to the water. All before the seals had any clue they were there!

Lucky guests at this time of year might spot one or two natural breaches while on their cage diving trip. However, as we come into May, we also offer specific breaching trips, where we tow a fake seal decoy, which causes the sharks to display this behaviour in front of our boat. It’s incredibly amazing to see this sight in person.

To book a cage diving or breaching trip, please email