Last Minute Specials in Hermanus

The last minute special is the trusty friend of the intrepid and free-spirited traveller and the quick thrill of the eagle-eyed web trawler who is on the phone making a booking the moment a special goes live. It’s the conspirer that pushes you to escape on a whim and the consolation prize to the breadwinner’s pocket as he or she foots the family holiday bill. 

Whether its food, accommodation or special interests and activities, there’s always room to save a penny in Hermanus and it is especially nice when the savings come as a welcome surprise in the form of a last minute special. So be sure to keep an eye on all the specials available in Heramnus. 

Save anywhere from 15 % - 80% depending on the timeframe. Also check the websites and social media pages of specific establishments for their own offerings of last minute specials.

They say that only the brave are rewarded, and those who are planning trips just few days before departure are certainly brave certainly rewarded for catching the last-minute discount bus. And with Hermanus being just 90 minutes from Cape Town, with all the amenities that one might need, it can make being spontaneous worth the while. The last rooms of a hotel or that have not been booked can go for half of their usual price and operators looking to fill up the last spots on a tour might hand them over at a steal. 

Be spontaneous by booking a last minute getaway and still rest assured that all your needs will be taken care of. Simply waiting for the right moment could give you even more out of your holiday in Hermanus then you bargained for.